How To Lose Weight And Stay There.

For many people losing weight has been at one time a mission, a goal, and even a part of life. Most people are concerned with losing weight though and not enough interest placed in “How to lose weight and stay there.” In this article, you will learn how to lose weight and how to stay at that weight permanently.

Many people have dieted or gone to the extremes of liquid fasts, juicing vegetables, or even an all-vegetable diet. Once they lose weight, what do they do? Go back to the old way of eating and gaining weight. Most people lose all this weight and then in a months time they are back to the same weight they started with and sometimes a lot more wondering, “why?”

How To Lose Weight And Stay There Is No Secret Anymore

A. Most people do not understand the metabolism. We’ve heard it but never go any further researching how it all works.

B. The bodies metabolic state is critical to losing weight and keeping it off.

C. Feeding the body proper nutrients affects the way it responds to certain things such as weight loss, toxins, as well as hormone function in our bodies that specifically relate to weight loss such as leptin levels.

D. Understanding that proper nutritional intake is the way our bodies become balanced. Eating food just because it tastes good, is the wrong habit many have gotten into. Developing healthy habits is possible and many have done it.

How Do You Lose Weight?

1. No matter how you lose weight, it should be done correctly. No yo-yo diets. No binging. No starving oneself.

2. By eating only fruits and vegetables, high micronutrient-rich foods or by doing a weight loss program such as the “lemonade cleanse.” This is where someone consumes raw lemon juice, maple syrup, cayenne pepper, and water. This can be undertaken for 10-40 days. This is an effective way to lose weight as well as cleanse your body from toxic loads and processed foods.

3. Juicing raw fruits and vegetables are another great way to lose weight fast and effectively. This can also be undertaken for 10-40 days preferable.

4. How long you should stay on these weight loss programs depends on your individual weight loss goals.

5. Drinking plenty of water and green tea will do wonders for your bodies metabolic rate as well as flush out fat stores.

How To Keep The Weight Off Once You Are At Your Goal Weight

A. A plan in place is the most beneficial thing you can do. Like a car needs an oil change for maintenance so do we. Maintenance programs are optimal in staying at your desired weight.

B. The most necessary element to keeping weight loss off is to ditch all processed foods. Keeping foods rich in nutrients and foods that are in their natural form is a success for anyone.

C. Allowing yourself one cheat day per week is fine. Make sure it doesn’t lead to another and another.

10 Tips For Weight Loss As Well As For Maintenance After

1. Does a salt water flush every morning on an empty stomach? This is where someone consumes 1 tbsp. Of real salt first thing in the morning. Not only is this beneficial for making sure you are regular daily but will assist and flush out fat stores. It cleanses your entire intestinal tract and removes wastes that may have been attached to your intestinal walls. (Note): Intestinal sludge is not normal but 90% of the population has it from eating a poor diet filled with processed foods that have chemicals as well as toxins that are hard on our digestive systems.

2. Adding a cup of coffee, every morning can increase metabolic rate and get our digestion roaring.

3. Add 1 Tbsp. of coconut oil to your diet by consuming this 1/2 hour before a meal to improve fat burning.

4. Make sure you avoid all processed food and only eat food that are in their raw state. No additives or chemicals.

5. Avoid all artificial sweeteners. These reek havoc on our metabolism and studies show they actually make our metabolisms shut down. Do not consume any soda. If you must have one, have one per month.

6. Limit any sweets to natural sources such as fruit or a spoon of raw cane sugar once in awhile.

7. Stick to your plan. If you are using an all liquid diet, don’t go and eat while on it but follow the rules.

8. Use self-talk and self-control to get your mind through the tough cravings if any. Doing this will ensure you lose your goal that you have set and take you off into left field. Stay on track. If you fall, get back on. Don’t think negatively about not having certain foods. Change your mind. For example Your mind says, “I want that donut.” Say, “I don’t want that donut,” “I want my goal weight more.”

9. Drinking liquid when hungry will satisfy hunger with hydration. This will prevent overeating and satisfy thirst.

10. Adding certain things to your diet can help you in the long run. For example: Adding enzymes or probiotics to enhance healthy microbial bacteria will provide you with an efficient source to improve digestion overall. Adding raw apple cider vinegar helps numerous things in the body. Adding leafy greens or a chlorophyll supplement is highly beneficial to digestion as well as a host of other areas. Remember you have the power to eat whatever. Eat only whatever is healthy and you cannot go wrong.


Moderation with self-control is the key to success for any weight loss or maintenance program. There’s nothing worse than losing extra weight, then go to old eating habits and gain even more. Eating a raw food diet at all times and occasionally eating other foods like once per week.

A strict plan is a key to losing weight and keeping it off. Studies show allowing yourself room for one day a week to cheat on improves the results of keeping the weight off since you are not depriving yourself completely.