5 Interesting Paleo Desserts That Are Sure To Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Just because you are eating like a caveman does not mean you cannot have a sweet tooth, right? Sure, perhaps our ancestors from the Stone Age did not have as many sweet temptations as we do today, but we cannot help ourselves, right? In fact, you probably feel that dinner is not really a meal if it has no dessert and you have likely assumed that you do not have that many dessert options. Well, think again.

There are actually plenty of Paleo desserts that even the prehistoric humans would have indulged in if they had access to modern day ingredients and recipes.

1. Fudgy Pumpkin Blondies

pumpkin blondies
It is not surprising if your mouth is already watering at the sight and thought of these blondies. You will get the best of blonde brownie and chocolate because they are a combination of precisely the right amount of blonde brownie and chocolate. Unlike a traditional brownie, you will use chocolate chunks, so while you will certainly taste the chocolate, the taste will not be overwhelming. The ingredients involved are quite simple, and almond flour will be used instead of traditional flour while even some flax seed meal will be included to add some omega-3s into it. Moreover, these blondies will also provide you all the nutrients contained in pumpkins.

2. Paleo Banana Upside Down Cake

Banana Upside-Down Cake
Much like a typical upside down cake, you will break this cake into two layers, and then bake it after turning it over. If you do not have a banana or do not want to use it, you can also use other fruits and nuts for the top layer. In fact, blueberries will prove to be a good alternative if you decide to bake this cake. The cake layer, which is the one that will be at the bottom supporting all of those fruits and nuts, will be quite standard. Ultimately, it may seem like just another multilayered cake but with a fruity topping incorporated into it.

3. Triple Fat Fudge

Mmmm... Fudge
Do not let the name fool you because you will not end up gaining twice the weight by eating them. The “triple” actually refers to the number of fat sources, which is actually four, that will be used in the preparation of this fudge. These are namely cocoa butter, coconut butter, coconut oil and ghee. You will be pleased to learn that the Paleo diet approves of these fat sources since they are all healthy. In fact, you are likely aware that the consumption of healthy fat on a daily basis is encouraged by the Paleo diet. Of course, make sure you only relish this treat once in a while, even though it is made up of nothing but high-quality ingredients.

4. Chai Spice Cookies

Chai spiced cookies

Believe it or not, that palatable chai flavoring can also be added into cookies, and once you have tasted these, you will want to have more and more. These cookies will go quite well with chai or chai latte. This is actually a gluten-free dessert, and while not all foods that are free of gluten are suitable to be consumed by someone on a Paleo diet, these cookies do actually fit into the Paleo desserts category. These chewy and soft cookies happen to be both dairy- and grain-free as well.

5. Coconut Date Ice Cream

coconut milk date ice cream
You had probably never imagined you could use just coconut milk and dates to prepare ice cream, but you actually can if you decide to make this one. These two primary ingredients are all you will need to get started with a few additions. For instance, you will add some pecans to top off this mouth-watering ice cream, and when you have a dessert as sweet as this to eat, you are sure to not feel deprived.

Bonus: Sweet Spinach Pie

Spanakopita spinach pie with feta cheese and crispy filo dough. Greek food.

It may not sound like much of a dessert, but it actually is, and wait till you try it. You will be using fresh spinach leaves for this pie and make sure you buy organic spinach because it will be very absorbent. Hence, it is actually the coconut sugar that will be making this entire dessert, including the spinach, taste temptingly sweet. In fact, you will barely even realize that it contains spinach because it will feel and taste just like a pie should.


In terms of desserts, it often tends to seem that the Paleo diet really has its limits. However, the above Paleo desserts should make it obvious that this is not the case.

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