Is Paleo Diet Effective for weight loss?

The Paleo diet is the most popular diet on the planet now. Thousands of people who have gone on this diet report weight loss and a multitude of other health benefits.

The Paleo diet follows the caveman style of eating that our predecessors had. The diet itself is pretty simple and straightforward. There are a list of foods that you can eat and a list of foods that you absolutely must NOT eat.

The rules are fixed and there really is no room for flexibility as far as the “do not eat” list is concerned.

Should I Adopt the Paleo Diet to Lose Weight?

The Paleo diet, while simple in concept, is not so simple to follow. While thousands may have adopted it, thousands have given up on it.

The reason for this is that adopting a paleo diet is really an entire lifestyle change. You will have to watch the food you eat closely and almost all processed food is out of the question.

Eating outside becomes a hassle because you will not know the oils used, ingredients, cooking techniques, etc. The Paleo diet controls all these.

Is the diet effective for fat loss?

The paleo diet explained

Absolutely. In fact, it is one of the most effective diets because of the strict rules. Sodas, hydrogenated oils, fast food, junk food, grains, dairy, legumes, potatoes, and artificial ingredients are not allowed on the Paleo diet. Just avoiding these foods alone is more than half the battle won.

You’re probably wondering, “But if I avoid these foods, is there really anything left to eat?”

Understandable. The answer is yes. You do have options. The question is whether you will be able to stomach these options. Literally.

You can eat eggs, seafood, grass-fed meats, healthy oils, fresh fruit, fresh vegetables, etc. There is a heavy emphasis on meat and even parts such as the internal organs are consumed in the Paleo diet. This is enough to make many people balk. Don’t worry. You are not forced to eat offal if you don’t want to.

The point to note is that the food you eat now will have a whole different taste since natural ingredients will be used to add flavor to the meal. It may take a while for you to adjust and adapt to the diet.

Most people are used to a diet high in salt and other additives such as monosodium glutamate. On the Paleo diet, the food may not necessarily be as “delicious” as what you are used to.

However, after a month or two on the Paleo diet, most people say that the food they are eating tastes even better than the normal unhealthy diet that they were accustomed to. Their taste buds have “woken up”. Physically, they have more energy, feel “lighter” and healthier.

The Paleo diet will help you lose weight but you must also remember that you will need to be in a caloric deficit to lose weight. No matter how healthy your diet is, if you’re not in a caloric deficit, you will never see any fat loss.

Get on a caloric deficit while on a paleo diet and the results will be nothing short of stunning. Throw in a sensible exercise plan to boost your metabolic rate and tone up your muscles. Within a few months, you will look and feel better than ever.

Do give the Paleo diet a try.

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