Top 10 Health And Fitness Apps And Their Benefits

Most of us know about apps, and we all probably have one or other app on our phone that we cannot do without. But if you exercise regularly or are interested in taking your workouts more seriously, have you heard about the 10 best health and fitness apps for 2019? They will help you achieve all of your health and fitness goals.

Whether you need help with stress management, or you need calorie counters or even advice on the nutrients you should consume, keep reading and see how wonderful this “High-Tech workout partner ” can be.

A health and fitness app is an application that can be downloaded on any mobile device and used wherever you go with your smartphone, your desktop, and on the web.

An app can perform all functions that you want for whatever you want it for and in this case, health and fitness. You get all kinds of apps; cooking apps, apps for new mothers, apps on how to care for your animals; literally for everything.

The time that is invested in mobile apps way surpasses usage of the World Wide Web on your mobile phone. Around 86% of people spend 87% of their time on the Web app on their phone with just 13% on the Web.

With health and fitness being a multimillion dollar business and everyone wanting to look like the Hollywood idol, health and fitness apps are highly sought after and used. There is just simply a world of fitness and health possibilities to use on your smartphone or tablet. You really can’t make excuses for not eating right and getting in shape, if you are willing to play the part of course!

Benefits of Health And Fitness Apps

Benefits of Health And Fitness Apps

Apps make the possibilities endless. In the fitness category, with your app, you are able to follow route maps, you can track your steps, and you can even keep watching what calories you are taking in, all from your mobile phone or tablet. If you want a healthy restaurant to go and have supper, you will probably just look under the food category.

You can get scores and grades on the particularly healthy or not particularly healthy grocery stores for instance around your place. If you want some better than your health choice, it will be offered to you. You can learn about products and where you can find your closest farmer’s markets to buy organic products.

Yes, the possibilities in the app stores are plentiful, to the point that they can even be kind of overwhelming to figure out which one. Because in this modern world, where there is an app for everything, such as games, media and entertainment, education, banking and finance, health and fitness, and gaining in popularity all the time, it can get pretty confusing.

Before we show you the top 10 health and apps for 2019, let’s first see what their benefits are.

They keep track of your progress

Naturally, you have your own set goals, but you will also need to keep an eye on your day to day results. An app will help you to keep an eye on whether you are progressing with your workouts or not. Whichever app you select will keep you on track of your progress.

It will let you know if you are heading in the right direction or not. If you see progress, you would naturally continue with your plans, but if you didn’t see any progress, you would know you needed to change your plans.

An app gives you free workout ideas

Your health and fitness app has also got blogs on it, and articles that will give you excellent and effected workout ideas that will help you reach your fitness and health goals, giving you ideas that suit your style, your personality and so much more.

They help you set goals you can achieve

When you start with your exercising routines, it will be important to set realistic goals. How much weight do you want to lose and how much time? You will be able to use your health app to set the goals and achieve them.

These productivity apps will document your journey as you move towards achieving your goals and therefore boost your motivation.

Ideal for when you can’t afford a trainer

Like the yoga app; it’s like carrying your own yoga studio with you wherever you go. Yoga is one of the most effective exercises for you to do if you want to attain flexibility and strength.

Lots of people can’t afford yoga classes, let alone have the time to attend a class, but the app has got yoga guides and videos; like being in a yoga class whenever you want!

Monitor your calories and intake of nutrients

Everyone whose dream it is to be fit and healthy will need to follow a certain diet plan. Your app will be able to monitor your calories as well as the intake of nutrients, all based on the food you take in through the night and day. You will be able to check on a daily basis what you can do for your health and fitness each and every day.

What are the best health and fitness-related apps?

What are the best health and fitness-related apps?

A lot of people will say that their biggest barrier to fitness is their over packed timetables. But with the right customized programs, you will be allowed to fit in a solid workout in whatever time you can find. You will just simply choose the program that suits you.

For instance, you might want to do yoga, or strength exercises or cardio – you simply pick what you want, enter how many minutes you want to spend doing that exercise, and your app will output a video to guide you through a scientifically approved sports routine that will help you cut the fat, work the muscle and help you to look lean and mean.

Maintaining your fitness levels will require daily habits and some lifestyle changes. Some apps are fantastic for people who are already quite athletic, while others are fabulous for beginners.

All of them offer great value for the right person, which you can read about in the descriptions below. Apps generally fall into specific categories. These are:

  • Short workouts
  • Workouts on demand
  • Nutrition
  • Activity tracking
  • Workout music

Let’s look at each category and offer you two favorites from each category so you can be downloading the ones that will particularly help you!

Best Short Workouts Apps

In this category of short workout apps, two that immediately rank as the most popular are the 7-Minute Workout (by Wahoo Fitness). The other one is Johnson & Johnson Official 7 Minute Workout.

Both of these apps consist of workout experience of seven-minutes that takes into account the person’s needs and requirements, like whether you are a traveler for instance or whether you are a beginner, etc. Both these apps show just what is needed to complete the short-circuit training, and they are both free.

On-Demand Workout Apps

These types of apps are around everywhere, but they are not all the same. The top ones will have high-quality instructions and are appropriately priced, even free. It will depend on what you like. Maybe you want something like Blogilates, taught by a woman.

She will smile and joke along with you as you do the workouts. Then you get the Fitbit Coach app or the Nike Training Club app where the guys take a much more serious approach. There is a fantastic app called Keelo which offers high-intensity interval training.

It has heart rate monitors so that you push yourself as hard as you can really go. There are other excellent apps, too, which offer varying degrees of intensity in by trainers and you can choose them because of their personalities or the exercises they offer!

The Best Nutrition-Tracking Apps

You will really enjoy MyFitnessPal which has long been a top pick when it comes to counting calories and keeping an eye on nutrition. You will find the biggest database of foods you can find regarding both the name-brand packaged foods and also homemade meals.

This app is so widely used that you’ll find nutritional and calorie information on food from all over the world here. It used to offer information like how much fat, protein, and carbohydrates you eat, but that is limited to paying customers now.

If you want that information, you can make use of other apps such as MyPlate by Livestrong. This app will happily analyze what you eat.

The Best Activity-Tracking Apps

The activity-tracking apps do the job of logging your activities as you do them – it makes no difference which exercises you are involved in, whether it’s cycling, running, swimming, walking, running, you name it. Some of the top favorite ones are Endomondo or MapMyFitness for people who are at any fitness level and are doing any activity.

You also get Runtastic Pro for runners. Strava is another one for competitive people. If you like the concept of your money being donated to a charity, there is an app called Charity Miles. For every mile you walk, run, or run, money is donated to Charity.

 Workout Music Apps

Best Workout Music Apps

How would you like to power your workouts? Then there are fitness apps that bring music and an extra spring in your steps. One such app is FIT Radio, and another is RockMyRun. You can choose songs that match your running tempo – there will be tracks made for your chosen activity, like elliptical training for instance, or yoga.

Looking at The Top 10 Health and Fitness Apps for 2019

Audio Fitness App:Aaptiv

If you like to listen, then you will love this one: Aaptiv.This is an audio-only workout app. It is best for those who like to learn from hearing. Visual learners learn the workouts exclusively through their ears.

Aaptiv allows you to pick your workouts and download them. You will be able to dabble in anything you fancy from boxing to yoga to weightlifting. New classes will show up each week on the app.

Whether you’re traveling and want to exercise without weights or you need motivation when you are out running, you’ll find that Aaptiv has you covered.

Outdoor Cardio Workouts:Nike+ Run Club

The Nike+ Run Club is a highly innovative app that will track your runs via the GPS. It will also provide you with audio-guided runs for beginners, but it will also have personalized coaching plans that hardcore racers will love.

Each of the workouts helps you build endurance, strength, and speed, plus there are motivation tools to take you further. You can choose the option of in-ear audio from athletes and coaches for that extra zest.

For those who are curious about yoga: Asana Rebel

For those who always wanted to try out yoga, this is the app. This fitness app takes a wonderful approach, combining the traditional practices and poses with exercises— such as mountain climbing, burpees, and plenty of planks from your HIIT class. You can prepare to get really worked out from this app.

To become flexible: ClassPass.

This app is about group fitness. You are coached on this app by a workout professionally designed for efficiency and maximum results. The ClassPass app gives you so much flexibility, allowing you to take part in all sorts of classes—be it HIIT, barre, cycling, yoga, or boxing – they’ve got it.

For Weightlifting: Fitbod

The Fitbod app handles all the heavy lifting of workout planning – here is your chance to focus on heavy lifting, pushing you to the limits, based on your preferences, your goals, and the available gym equipment.

When you do hit the gym, you will be guided step by step through each exercise, even adjusting the workout to match your muscle strength, etc.

The more you pump iron with this app, the better it gets at constructing workouts that give you the gains you want.

For Quick workouts: Keelo

When you want a quick, effective full-body workout, you won’t find anything much better than HIIT. The Keelo app will recommend intense and fast-paced workouts for you.

You will find a mix of free-weight and body-weight workouts, helping you to stick to a three-a-week kind of routine at home or wherever you are, giving you top results.

For Recovery: Sleep Cycle

Best health and fitness apps:Best health and fitness apps:For recovery: Sleep Cycle

Getting good solid sleep is a top priority when you need to recover from your workouts. And when you are asleep, this app, the Sleep Cycle will use your phone’s accelerometer to record and monitor your movement and quality of sleep – how’s that? As morning approaches, it will use Sleep Cycle theory to wake you up feeling ready and refreshed to take on your day and later your workout.

For On-Demand Workouts: NEOU

The on-demand workout app, NEOU, is a new model that live-streams workouts and stores hundreds of them in the app so you will never have a dull moment. The trainers all give their classes from a state of the art facility on Fifth Avenue, and you can test out a variety of their workouts from boxing to HIIT or core, even dance, and mobility.

You can follow your favorite trainer or mix up what you want.

For Stress Relief: Headspace

Looking at The Top 10 Health and Fitness apps for 2019:Headspace

Between your hectic life of work and home activities, it can be pretty easy to get mentally and physically challenged. That’s why you need to clear your mind and keep going with a fresh, rested mind and body. Headspace will give you that opportunity, offering structured, beginner-friendly meditation courses.

These range from 3- 30-minute sessions to keep you on track. Medication will reduce stress and improve your focus and promote better sleep, and better still, probably make you a more mindful, patient person!

For An All-Around Healthy Lifestyle: 8fit

This app is like having a personal trainer and nutritionist all wrapped up one, creating meal plans for you and custom exercises, all based on your current stats and goals.

It will find out from you how many weekly workouts you can handle and how often do you want your meals and what variety you want in your diet, etc.

Then it will give you an achievable step by step plan to help you with a lifestyle to achieve your best fitness and health results.

A healthy lineup of health and fitness apps that will surge you into the future

Many people say that smartphones are running our lives; they are apparently destroying our cognitive abilities, they are disturbing our sleep, they are making us depressed and antisocial, and many have to admit that they scroll through their social pages round and round the clock. It’s not really the phones, though, that are themselves the problems, it more how we use them.

For this year, 2019, there are a whole host of health and fitness apps as you can see from above that are designed to help you become fitter, stronger, leaner and more relaxed – all of these are fantastic aids to help you fight the ever so creeping up social, mental and physical ills that are part of the Information Age.

But you can take advantage today of this wonderful information-rich environment and put it to good use. You can focus on putting your fitness and health needs right at your fingertips, whether at home and the office; right there at your fingertips.

This will give you faster and better results in whatever routines you want to do or be involved in. The ten apps we have mentioned above, at the very least, are going to offer you heaps of variety and a change of pace from the same old routines you might have used in the past.

These health and fitness-focused apps are really wildly popular, and studies show that they can have a real impact. Research by mobile analytic companies found that the users of these apps grew by 330% between 2014- 2017. That is more than 75% of active users accessing their app at least twice a week.

Not only that, but the NHS has even approved some apps which are known to be able to help people with other health problems such as depression, anxiety, and even self-harm. These types of apps are all about being conscious and aware of making changes.

If there is one really distinguishing feature of the people who use these apps successfully, it is that they deliberately link real-world improvement with habits that the apps offer them.

Most users of the apps generally have a high motivation to live a healthier life. It is advised that you quickly download the best health and fitness mobile app for you, and start using it at the earliest. It’s like being in your own private gym, at your own pace, at your own time. Good luck!

A lot of us set fitness goals at the beginning of the year, but forget about them; many just can’t find the time any longer. A health and fitness app might be just what you are looking for, to keep yourself accountable to your resolution of getting fit in the New Year. Go for it!

Remember that the only bad workout is no workout.

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