5 Top Exercises For Butt

While some people can easily overlook exercises for butt, others are out there wondering which are the best and most effective exercise for these muscles.

Strong glutes assist us in our everyday activities like climbing stairs or squatting to choose something besides looking great and attractive. These muscles are vital in sports activities.

Strong glutes will power your involvement in any sport, like biking and particularly in jumping sports such as football, beach ball, soccer, basketball.

The butt is mainly made up of three main muscles which are; the gluteus maximus, the gluteus medius, and the gluteus minimus. All these muscles work collectively to ensure proper and well-coordinated movement of your legs.

Since all these muscles are connected to the hip, the legs, and the lower back, strengthening glutes can greatly aid in strengthening the back. This explains why most exercises for the butt mainly target the glutes.

The Best Exercises for Butt

Butt exercises help in the development of stronger glute muscles. Of course, everybody thinking of working on their butt, they must wonder which are the best exercises to engage themselves in so that to ensure that their butt is kept well and fit. The following are the best exercises that will ensure that you develop your glute in the best way possible


the best exercises for butt routines:Squats

These are most people’s favorite butt exercises. Squats fire your muscle fibers within the glutes. They also hit your hips, thighs and the entire calves. You should make them a part of your daily routine. Just in case if squats are hurting your knees, you try the alternatives.

While squatting, you should stand with your feet leaving a distance of about hip-width. To increase the intensity of your exercise, you can hold weights at your sides or shoulder levels. You should then bend the knees as you lower into the squat.

Always maintain the knees behind your toes. Go down till you press the heel then stand up. Repeat this for about two or three times in a set of between eight and sixteen reps.

2.Step Ups

exercises for butt:step ups

Another great way you can focus on toning your butt in the best way possible is performing step-ups. Pick a place high enough such that your knee makes 90 degrees at a bent position.


Exercises for butt:Lunges

Another way of exercising your butt is actively engaging yourself in performing lunges. These exercises not only work on the butt, but they also engage multiple body muscles which make them an effective choice.

The front leg works on the hamstrings while the leg at the back targets the calves and quads. What I like about lunges is that there are quite different types of lunges to choose from.

These are; sliding lunges, static lunges, one-legged lunge, step by step lunges, low lunges, wheel lunges and side to side lunges.

4.Bridgesexercises for butt:Bridges

With bridges, you should lie on your back on the floor with the knees bend. Ensure that both feet are on the floor leaving a distance of about your hip-width apart.

Slowly lift your spine from the floor starting from the bottom working towards the head. Ensure that you tighten the hamstrings and glutes. Lift the body until a diagonal line is formed between the knees and shoulders.

Return to your original position slowly. You can also try bridges on a stability ball. Keep your head, and the shoulders balanced on the ball, lift your hips up to the same level with your shoulders. Lower the hips slightly. Repeat the process several times.

5.Hip/leg extensionsbest exercises for butt:Leg extension

These types of exercises stretch your butt by reaching the leg behind your body. In this way, you work the glutes. There are different ways through which you can work on your glute through these exercises.

You can do them on a stability ball while standing or while lying by your sides. Hip extensions target the butt in quite a specific manner. When added to other exercises I just listed above; you get better development in your glute muscles.

How can exercises for butt benefit you most?

When you resolve to exercise your butt vigorously, there are a number of factors that can ensure that you get the most out of your efforts. Though it calls for determination and commitment, you must look at the following tips to maximize the output of your efforts.

They are like simple rules that keep you in check no matter what butt workout plan you opt for. They are factors that not only applies to your butt exercises but also to your weight loss program if any. These are;

  • Always have clearly set goals
  • Stay focused on ensuring that you are always surrounded by positive people
  • Be consistent always
  • Work the opposing muscles
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