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There are a number of myths surrounding thigh fat loss, and a lot of exercises that are not beneficial, yet are widely acclaimed. For you to lose thigh fat, your body fat should be around 18%. An important aspect of losing thigh fat is knowing your thigh type. You also need to know the right type of exercise and diet for those toned, tight and slim thighs. Spot reducing diets and exercises do not work.

Before you begin to reduce your thighs, you need to establish if you have thighs with big muscles or if you have a lot of fat on the thighs:

Straighten your leg,tighten the thigh muscles,pinch the surface layer of fat and skin in the thigh, if there is a lot to pinch, then fat is making your thighs bigger and you also probably suffer from cellulite.If there is little to pinch, you have big muscles in your thighs and little fat, and certainly have little or no cellulite.

Tips on how to burn thigh fat


For you to lose fat, you need to burn calories. Go for the cardio exercises that burn the most calories, for instance running, jumping rope, and biking. These exercises also tone the legs. Long-duration cardio, for instance, running for a long distance has been found to be the most effective one for losing thigh fat, yet remaining toned.

It targets a smaller muscle fiber that does not grow much. Short intense bouts of cardio like sprinting burn a lot of thigh fat, but may make your muscles very big. In the recent Olympics, you may have noticed that long distance runners have very slim legs, compared to sprinters. You need 5 one-hour cardio sessions throughout the week.


Brisk walking is a great way to lose thigh fat. You can burn at least 300 calories when you walk at the right pace, in just 60 minutes. You also need to use the correct technique. To achieve maximum results, walk to 1 to 3 miles every day, for 6 miles a week. Rest one day a week. If you do not have a place to walk, the treadmill is an ideal.

The Incline

secrets to how to burn thigh fat

You can increase the treadmill’s incline or bike up or run on hills. Go for moderately high intensity to ensure that you are burning enough fat. Taking the stairs also provides a good incline. You work harder and burn more calories when compared to working out on a flat surface. The incline works out the hamstrings, tush, and thighs, ultimately toning your lower body.

Fuel your body

  • You need to eat every few hours. This way, you do not get really hungry, so you do not overeat. Your in-between meals snack should be kept under  150 calories . It should be high in fiber and protein. The fiber fills you up and provides energy.

Keep a journal

  • To burn thigh fat, you need to monitor your calorie intake. It is advisable to keep a food journal. Tracking what you eat 6 days a week results in more fat loss, compared to doing so just a day or two within a week.
  • To lose a pound of thigh fat, you need to cut and burn a minimum of 500 calories in a day. 250 can be burned via exercise and 250 cut from your diet. Do not eat less than 1200 calories, as you will slow down your metabolism.
  • Getting to know the exact number of calories that you need daily will actually help you know the number of calories that you need to cut. Sometimes you need to cut up to 1000. Use an online calculator or work with a dietician.
  • You need to keep track of your thigh fat loss too. You need to patient. Remember, you cannot spot reduce. As you lose fat, thigh fat is lost too. In fact, the last part to lose fat may be your inner thighs.
  • As you journal, a lot of patience is required. You need to remember that there are other factors like your body shape, genetics, and the amount of fat in your body that determine how much fat you lose.

Stay dehydrated

  • When you want to drink something, choose water. This way, you minimize the intake of sugary beverages like fruit juices, sweetened beverages, and sodas. Water keeps you hydrated and it has no calories. Drink water especially before meals. This way, you eat smaller portions.

Adequate sleep

  • Lack of adequate sleep makes people snack more. You are also likely to feel too tired to workout. You need to sleep enough if you are going to see those thighs slim up.

Foods that help burn fat in the thighs

learn how to burn thigh fat

When striving to lose fat from your thighs, some foods come in handy:

High-fiber vegetables

  • These include broccoli, cauliflower, and leafy greens. These tend to be high in fiber and low in calories. They fill you up faster. High fiber should fill about half of your plate.

Protein (animal and vegetable)

  • Fill a quarter of your plate with a source of protein. Ideal protein includes chicken breast, fish, roasted/grilled lean steak, dried beans, eggs, and tofu. Eat a minimum of 0.55 grams of protein per pound of body weight every day. This way, you are fuller at meals. Proteins also help in muscle preservation, with all the workouts.

Whole grains

  • These should take up the other quarter of your plate. They include brown rice or 100% whole-wheat bread. Whole grains also contain fiber to make you fuller. They provide carbohydrates which give you energy.

How to burn thigh fat without developing large, muscular thighs

A Concise Guide To How To Burn Thigh Fat

Exercises like lunges, stiff-legged deadlifts, calf raise, squats, leg curls, and stiff-legged deadlifts with heavy weights will make your thighs bigger since they make muscle fibers larger. It is advisable to do them if you know how much muscle you can get on your thighs (thanks to your genetics) and whether you would like how they look.

How to burn fat with resistance training

This comes after you have already lost some thigh fat. It helps to increase muscle mass, shape up your legs and make them firm. Use moderately lightweight. Your focus should be on more repetitions, with less resistance. If your muscle type is very responsive and gets big quickly, resistance training may not be necessary. The muscles will already be toned when you were working towards losing thigh fat.

You now know how to burn thigh fat. All you need to do is know your thigh type, do the right exercises, watch your diet and be patient. Don’t spot reduce, your body has to lose fat proportionally.

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