Bodybuilding tips for stubborn body parts.

Every guy has this including the genetically gifted ones. A stubborn body part that lags in progress no matter how hard you train it. It could be the calves or chest or abs. For some guys, every bodypart may be like this. They are called hardgainers and it’s not really their fault. Their genetics are to blame too.

Nevertheless, every guy can get more muscular and bigger if they stick with their workouts constantly, consistently and conscientiously. Progressive overload will force even the most stubborn muscles to grow because of the increased demands placed upon them.

It is difficult to say why certain muscles lag. One reason could be because they are “foundation” muscles. For example, your forearms and calves. You use these muscles daily for a thousand different things without realizing it. The forearms are worked when you are holding a bag or even clinging on to a bar in the train. The calves are worked daily when you walk.

For muscles like these that are used to a lot of work, you will really need to hit them hard in your workouts. When you do wrist curls to work your forearms, you will have to work them till they burn and are hot. The same with calf raises.

It will hurt. It will be uncomfortable. But it’s the only way. To train them till they are exhausted and the overload forces them to grow.


Workouts are not about duration, sets and reps. All these while helpful are just a guideline. What really matters is that you activate as much of the muscle fibers as you can during your workouts. You must concentrate on the muscle that you are working so that you don’t unconsciously recruit other muscles to help out and make your job easier.

Your body is highly efficient. For example, if you are doing a bicep curl with a heavy weight, the body will automatically try to get the shoulder, back and chest muscles to assist to make the job easier. It is important to supinate your wrist so that it looks like your pinky finger is about to touch your bicep. If you do this, your bicep workout will be far more effective.You will really need to focus to make sure that the bicep is doing all the work. The same applies with stubborn body parts.

Make sure when you target your calves or chest or whatever stubborn muscle you may have, over 95% of the effort is exerted by your chosen muscle group.Each exercise has subtleties and variations.

Just like the above example, different exercises will have different things you may need to do. A wrist curl may be better if your thumb is not around the bar. A triceps workout may be more effective if you’re using rope pulldowns. It all depends on your body and the only person who can find out is you.

Go to YouTube and look for all the different exercises that work your stubborn bodypart. Make a list and try out these exercises in the gym. Did you find any that are difficult to execute? Guess what? These may be the most effective ones you will need to do.

There are also a lot of different techniques  that you can implement in order to get out of sticking points for any given muscle part  like  Pre-exhaustion,Giant sets,Super sets  which we will discuss in another article but you’ll also have to consider some other factors like Diet,Training frequency and even your life style which may have an impact on your muscle gains believe it or not.

It’s all a process of trial and error. Yes, it will take time. Bodybuilding takes time. It is a journey of self-discovery and determination. Patience and persistence is key. Rest assured that all bodyparts can be trained to get bigger if you persist. That’s the most important thing. Stick to the plan and don’t give up.