Cycling vs Running

Whether you’re inspired by the onset of a beautiful spring day or whether winter has frozen your enthusiasm, there are many reasons to reach for your training bike or treadmill.

Biking and running are great ways to exercise if done correctly, but they are not equal when it comes to getting you from point A to point B.

They do have their pros and cons and for the purposes of this article, we will focus on the benefits of both. In the end, what you choose will depend on your personal preference.

Benefits of Cycling

Benefits of Cycling

In order to remain fit and healthy, it is essential to do regular exercise. If you want to stay away from some of the severe diseases like cancer, diabetes, obesity, and many others, it is important to do regular physical activity. Riding a bicycle is one of the best physical exercises to perform efficiently to prevent various health problems.

Some advantages of cycling are listed here.

Mental health

Research by YMCA has shown that people involved in physical activities have a well-being score of 32 percent, which is greater than those inactive.

As part of a study in the Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research, a group of people who rode a stationary bike for 30 minutes got a higher score on memory tests, reasoning, and planning compared to before riding the bike. It was also found that they completed the tests sooner after riding.

The idea that you can benefit emotionally from a good ride is supported by a lot of science. Cycling has been shown to help lift your mood, relieving anxiety and stress, and possibly helping ward off depression.

Exercise can enhance your mood because two hormones named adrenaline and endorphins are released, and improved confidence comes from achieving new things.

Cycling can improve your mental health either you ride solo or along with a group. It is beneficial for you in both ways.

Immune System

Cycling is considered a mild exercise and can help to strengthen our immune system.

Professionals at the University of Cape town have suggested that mild exercises can improve our immune system by producing essential proteins in a large amount and awake white blood cells, which are not functional.

Weight loss

While talking about weight loss, the main thing is “calorie out must exceed calorie in.” It means there is a need to burn more calories than the consumption of calories for weight loss.

Cycling is an exercise which can burn your fats, and automatically you lose weight. It is because, while pedaling along with a leisurely place, you will lose an impressive number of calories.

Increases Cardiovascular Activity

Cycling increases your heart rate and causes more blood to be pumped into the body. In this way, there will be burning off calories and lesser chances for you to get obese.

Lessens the chances of Cancer

Many studies have shown that cycling decreases the chances of cancer. Especially in women, it lessens the risk of breast cancer.


A type of exercise which is done by traveling quickly on feet is termed running. It is referred to as a popular mode of exercise. It is a type of gait marked by a flying phase in which both feet are above the ground regardless of walking.

Running can increase the expectancy of life and also improves health. It decreases the amount of water, making you feel thirsty, so keep drinking water while running to prevent dehydration.

Basic Techniques of Running:

Running is an excellent exercise, but most people find it very difficult. So, if you want to get fit and stay fit, follow these techniques of running given below:

Starting out

Many new runners and Triathletes will undertake difficult objectives.’When you take your first run, for example, you’ll probably be out of breath and maybe could even choke a little. But with steady progression, you’ll develop a rhythm and develop an effective technique.

In the beginning, you’ll need to take things easy, maybe start by walking or light jogging. Gradually you will lose all of that fat and gain the same endurance as you gain speed.

Think Small

Do not think for long, gazelle-like steps; aim for short and concise steps in a way that your legs and feet are under your body. In this way, there will be fewer chances of injury, and less energy is consumed.

Emphasize the exhale

If you want to keep away from gasping, huffing, and puffing, try to exhale after some steps. This exhale can produce a regular and continuous supply of oxygen.

Conservation of energy

If you stay low to the ground and run in a relaxed manner, less energy is utilized. So, it is better to run by keeping your shoulders and hands relaxed instead of running by bending your elbows and let your arms move freely at waist height.

Benefits of Running

Benefits of Running

Running and Jogging are very beneficial in different ways.

Increases Lifespan

Some of the researches show that running provides a greater expectancy of life. It includes some of the biological pathways like greater vascular fitness, better body composition, low cholesterol level, excellent glucose and insulin control, strong bones, better hormone regulation, and perfect neurological functioning.

Many people want to have a happy, healthy, productive, and active life. So, one should do running to stay active and fit as it is one of the best and least expensive exercises.

Better Sleep

Better sleep is most important to remain active your whole day. If you do running even for a short time, you will be able to sleep more quickly, and it will also enhance the quality of your sleep.

The more exercise, the more you need quality sleep, but if you are less likely to take quality sleep, there will be fewer chances that you will continue the exercise. It would not be good for runners to do night exercise as it disturbs their night sleep.

Weight loss

Running is an exercise where you don’t need to run fast to burn calories. During running, most of our body fats burn easily by moving constantly. If an individual spends 200 to 300 minutes per week on running, he/she can easily maintain weight instead of those who spend less than 150 minutes.


As we know that running is a moderate exercise and can boost your immunity. If we maintain our diet along-with running, it can help our body to work against diseases. Running awakens our sleepy antibodies and prepares them against the antigens, which are harmful to our body.

Boosts Mental health

Runners choose many sports to enhance their physical fitness. It is an effective treatment for depression, and it may also reduce stress.

Exercise according to ages

It is necessary to know which exercise is best according to your age. Because different types of exercises need different amounts of energy, like an adult, you can perform sports or exercises that require a more significant amount of energy, but if you are a young adult, you can not perform such activities, which takes a lot of energy.

Now talk about exercises according to age.

Adults of age 18-25 can go with both types, i.e., cycling and running, according to their ability to perform an exercise. But they can choose both because the adults of this age have a lot of energy to perform such exercises with full energy and they also have the stamina to continue them regularly.

Adults of age 25-40 or 40-60 should do moderate exercise daily to stay fit. Like running is a reasonable exercise that everyone can do easily whatever their age is, so if you want to stay active, productive, happy, and want to enjoy a good life, it is necessary to go running or to jog regularly.

But, along with this, he/she should also plan a diet that will ultimately fulfill all the body’s nutrient requirements so that the body can function properly and stay safe from any harmful disease.

Cycling Vs. Running: The Verdict

Cycling V/S Running: The Verdict

If we consider running, it will burn more calories as compared to cycling. Both exercises are beneficial for our body in cardiovascular activity, strengthening muscles, weight loss, and toning muscles.

They both participate equally in all the beneficial activities and improves body health. If we talk about toning of muscles, then, in this case, running works in a much better way in toning as it works our whole body and burns more calories.

In the case of building muscles, cycling can only help to build the lower half. While running involves your whole body muscles. However, it makes our muscles and bones stronger.

Cycling and running are both healthy choices, but cycling can be expensive in the beginning. You can pick good quality running shoes and go for them. However, for cycling, you have to spend a lot of money to get safety equipment.

It is also essential to consider a doctor’s advice if you are suffering from some chronic illness. Some exercises prove injurious if not done the right way.

Chances of injuries are more in the running than in cycling. Nevertheless, if you can’t keep your balance during cycling, do not go for it. Running is a safer option in this case.

In conclusion:

Cycling and running cannot be compared at any cost. Both have their pros and cons. If you are confused at the start, you can try both these exercises by switching between them. Whichever suits you the best, go for it.

No doubt, running burns more calories as compared to cycling. It would be best if you started according to your goals. Which one you should go for depends upon your goals.


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