Designing An Effective Workout Schedule

It is important to create a workout schedule if you are committed to exercising regularly. Creating a program that lays out when and what you plan to do during your workout will help you stick to a routine. If you are working out to lose weight, it is essential to have a schedule because it helps you track your progress as you reach you goals. A schedule also makes it easier if you need to modify your workouts, such as including more weight or less aerobic. If your goal is to lose weight, it is important to have the right mix of weight lifting and aerobics. One increases your cardiovascular fitness, and the other strengthens your muscles which can help prevent injury. Before starting a new exercise routine, be sure and discuss your plans with your medical provider.

Step 1

Spend some time and determine when your schedule will allow you to block time for your workout. Write this plan down and then print it out and put it somewhere you will see it frequently. Ensure you are planning your work out during the times of the day that you will feel the most like exercising. For example, you may not want to exercise late in the evening since that may be family time. Instead, early morning may work best for you because that is when you have the most energy.

Designing An Effective Workout Schedule

Step 2

Set goals for your weekly schedule. These goals should be attainable and measurable and should be able to be completed within a short period of time. For example, you may have a goal to lose 4 pounds in a month. This is a safe weight loss rate and is very achievable. If your overall goal is to lose 40 pounds, break this down into weekly goals which can be met. Meeting these smaller goals will help you stay motivated.

Step 3

Now, design your workout schedule to meet these objectives. Whether you want to lose weight, become healthier or train for a marathon, design your workout to help you achieve these goals. Creating and sticking to a consistent schedule is the best way to reach your ultimate goals. Workout at the same time every day and on the same days each week. This will help you create a routine which will help you stay on your schedule. It is also easier to remember your workout if you are scheduled the same time and day each week.

Step 4

Decide how long you want to work out. You may start out at one level, and as you get into better shape or lose weight, you may need to extend your workout time. Most health experts recommend at least 150 minutes weekly of moderate aerobic exercise and at least 120 minutes of some type of muscle-strengthening activity. When you work on your muscle strength, be sure and include all the major muscle groups including back, legs, arms, hips, abdomen, shoulders, and chest. If you do not know where you will find the time for this type of schedule, review your daily activities and see where you can eliminate some activities to free up time fo your workout. If you are still having trouble finding enough blocks of time, consider breaking up your workout into ten-minute blocks throughout the day.

Step 5

Plan your workout schedule to include some fun activities. This will also help you stay motivated and not get bored. You may not enjoy working out in the gym, but you might love ballroom dancing for an hour or two a week. During nice weather, try and take your workout program outside and get some fresh air and sunshine. You can walk the dog for an hour and burn a good number of calories, or you can swim some laps. In winter, there are also fun activities outside, including cross-country skiing that burns some high-calorie numbers.

No matter what your goal, losing weight, getting into better shape, or training for a special event, it is important to have a regular, scheduled plan for your workout. A plan helps ensure you will stick to your workout and meet your goals. There are sure to be times you would rather be doing something else, but just keep your goals in mind and your eye on the target.

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