How To Get Ripped Fast

Building muscle is sometimes easier said than done and especially once you’ve bulked up the next step most people want is to get ripped. A lot of people just cannot build muscle as fast or as much as they want to. As a result, a lot of these people end up giving up.

The truth is, building muscle can be extremely difficult, and it can take a lot of time. It is important to remain patient if you want to succeed at building muscle. Below we will discuss some of the best tips to achieve this.

Tips On How To Get Ripped:

1. Plan

The number one thing that you are going to have to do if you want to get ripped is plan ahead. It is imperative to design your strategy to be able to implement it effectively. Without a proper strategy planned out, you are going to end up lost.

It is important to understand exactly what it is that you are going to do, when you are going to do it, and how you are going to do it. A lot of people fail at this stage, and they end up lost and not knowing what to do each day. By planning ahead, you should be able to figure out exactly what it is that you have to do to get ripped.

2. Eat Protein

Another thing that you need to do is eat plenty of protein. It is essential that you eat enough protein if you are trying to gain muscle. The reason protein is so essential for getting ripped because it is the building blocks of muscles.

Without enough protein, your body simply will not have the necessary nutrients to build muscle. The goal would be to get at minimum 1.5 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight. This means that if you do not get at least this much protein, your results are going to suffer.

3.Watch your carbohydrates

Carbohydrates are the primary source of energy for your body, once they are ingested they break down into glucose that in turn is used to fuel your workouts in the form of glycogen  that is deposited and stored in your muscle tissue.You should aim for the non-starchy carbs that have a lower glycemic index.

This means that you’ll have a more long-term energy response and fewer chances to store fat.Despite the fact that excess calories lead to weight gain it’s also advisable to limit carbs with a  high glycemic index, but why is that ?, just because it’s been demonstrated that these types of carbs cause a fast insulin release by the pancreas and the more insulin you have to run in your system, the more chances there is for those carbs to be stored as fat.

4. Supplement

A lot of people simply do not get enough nutrients throughout the day to facilitate muscle growth. Because of this, their results are lacking. It is imperative that you work to get enough nutrients into your body every single day.

The best way to do this is to supplement with different kinds of supplements. If you are trying to build muscle, the number one supplement that you are going to be able to use is protein. We discussed above how important protein is to building muscle.

It is something that you are going to need to supplement because on average people do not get enough of it throughout the day to properly build muscle.People engaged in any resistance training need a higher amount of protein compared to the average joe.

The best kinds of protein are whey protein and casein protein. You should take whey protein before and after your workout. And you should take casein protein right before you go to sleep for the best results.

Another supplement that you are going to want to look into taking for muscle growth would be creatine. Creatine is a great supplement to take when you are trying to build muscle and get ripped because it increases the amount of water that your muscles can take in.

This is going to provide more nutrients to your muscles on a regular basis and allow for optimal muscle growth. Not to mention, it is also going to help increase your overall strength. This is an excellent supplement to take when you are trying to get ripped.

However, it is important to keep in mind that because it increases the amount of water that your muscles retain, you are likely going to experience some sort of bloating. Therefore, to get the best results, you will want to cycle this supplement off and on.

Another good supplement that you should consider taking is vitamin B. especially B12 is such a good supplement to take for optimal muscle growth because it is going to help provide your body with more sustained energy and also better recovery times.

B 12 works at DNA level in your body,new cells regeneration and red blood cells and  helps to convert food into energy. Both of these things are going to help your body build muscles better and faster. It is important to get enough vitamin B in your daily diet or else your body will not be able to recover as fast as it should. By recovering faster, you should be able to work out longer and harder.Despite all its benefits, B 12 is often an overlooked nutritional supplement.

Nitric Oxide is another great supplement to be considered to have in your arsenal.L-arginine is an essential amino acid that promotes nitric oxide which is a gas that has been shown to increase muscle congestion and vascularity among other scientifically proven benefits.Most of the Nitric Oxide supplements come in L-arginine pills.

5.Do aerobics

A top-down view of skeletal muscle
A top-down view of skeletal muscle (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It is indeed one of the key elements required and a must when it comes to losing fat and getting lean.Muscle definition refers to the shape of the muscle.  An abdominal six-pack is a classic example.

The definition comes from lifting weights to build up particular muscles, but it also involves shedding the fat surrounding those muscles so that the definition is visible.

To shed the fat, you need to burn calories through aerobic exercise and to eat properly.You should vary your workout sessions and try to include your cardio workouts at least three times a week.To get the best possible results do it first thing in the morning on an empty stomach.

Doing cardio in the morning is highly effective.After eight hours of sleep, your glycogen stores are depleted so your body will have no other choice but to tap into your fat reserves for energy so you’ll burn fat faster.

6.High-Intensity Training

This is one of the most effective methods used to increase your fat burning and gain muscle.There are quite a few techniques to rev up your metabolism while at the same time burn fat.High-intensity workouts include Circuit Training, Supersets, Tri sets, Pre-exhaustion, Interval training, just switch them up and work around them to see what works best for you.


We need water for the obvious reasons of living, along with all the health benefits and perks related to fitness and keeping fit.Water keeps you hydrated and speeds up your metabolism thus helping in the fat burning process and flushing out toxins out of your body.

8. Consistency.

You are also going to need to remain consistent with your approach. A lot of people just lack this key ingredient. The truth is, if you are not consistent with your approach, you are going to fail. Building muscles and getting ripped requires consistency and patience.

Without these essential things, you are not going to be able to see the results that you want and expect. As long as you remain consistent with your diet, nutrition, and workouts, you should be able to see excellent results in no time.

As you can see, getting ripped takes a lot of work and determination. It also takes a lot of patience and consistency. We hope you learned more about how to get ripped fast. Remember, you need to plan out your strategy, execute your strategy and implement the tips that we have been discussing throughout this article. You should be able to achieve your goals if you apply the tips that we have discussed above. Always remain patient throughout the process because getting ripped takes time

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