How to Triple Your Fat Loss in the Same Time Period

Weight loss is a slow process. More specifically, fat loss can seem to take ages to occur. The millions of people who try to lose weight often get discouraged when they see the numbers on the scales not changing.This can be extremely demoralizing. Even 1 week can seem like a month because we live in a world where everyone expects fast results. People even frown if a text message takes more than a few seconds to be sent. What more fat loss?

While it may be a slow journey, there are a few steps that you can take to accelerate the fat burning process. The hard truth is that most people who try to shed the pounds approach the problem with minimal knowledge, and the whole fat loss journey becomes a heuristic process. They learn as they go along.

While there is nothing wrong with this and it’s actually good because you’re learning what works for you; the opportunity cost is the time wasted using trial and error to see what techniques makes your body burn the stubborn fat stores.

This article will give you 3 proven steps that work for the majority of people. Just by adhering to the protocol described below, your efforts will be multiplied roughly 300%, and you will lose more weight.

Exercise on an empty stomach

There is often much debate over this with some fitness experts saying this is excellent while others say that it causes muscle loss that will retard the fat loss process. Both camps are correct to a certain extent. However, we’re concerned with fat loss. Muscle building is secondary.This is highly effective for your cardio sessions. In order to lose fat, exercising in a fasted state will make your body burn its fat stores immediately since your glycogen levels are low.

There is nothing deleterious about this, and you will not suffer any terrible muscle loss. The rules to note are that you must be in a fasted state for at least 12 hours, and your workout session shouldn’t exceed 20 minutes,that is why  is highly recommended to perform the exercises first thing in the morning to leverage its full potential.After eight hours of sleep, your body’s glycogen stores are at a minimum.  Keep your training short and hard. That will be more than enough.

Keep changing your workouts

The human body is a marvelous organism that is highly adaptable. By changing your workouts frequently, it will constantly be guessing. There is no time to adapt because it never knows what you’re going to throw at it.

Ideally, you should do a different workout with each session. That will not only keep things interesting for you, but it will also challenge your body immensely. Your conditioning will be better since more muscle groups are being worked. The overall fat loss will be much higher due to each workout being difficult and exhausting.

Get on a carb cycling diet

The two biggest culprits that cause weight gain and obesity are sugar and refined carbohydrates. Cut both of these out of your diet.

For example, you should go for two days with minimal or even no carbohydrates. On the third day, you may have a carbohydrate meal. This is known as re-feeding. This one high carb day will restore your glycogen levels and kickstart the fat burning into high gear again.

Then, you will follow up with another 2 or 3 days of minimal carbs and repeat the process. Do note that you should not go crazy and overdo the carb loading day. Eat your carbs in moderation. The carbs you consume are not meant to satiate you. They have a purpose.

The carbs are to restore your fuel stores so that you will have the energy to work out in the following days to come. Ideally, you should have a carb meal or a carb day when you feel low in energy or drained after a few low carb days.

Even one carb meal can work wonders. This you will learn as you go along. You will understand your body and know exactly when it needs a cheat meal.

Follow these three steps and you will watch the fat melt off in no time at all. None of the three steps is a walk in the park. They all require discipline and effort. If you can implement them, you will see results within a short period and it will be worth the sacrifices you make.


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