Is CrossFit Suitable for Women?

Thousands of women all over the world do CrossFit and enjoy the many rewards and benefits that come with this program. CrossFit may seem intimidating and very masculine to many women. However, it is far from that. The image perpetuated by the fitness industry that CrossFit is filled with panting, masochistic people who love torturing themselves is far from the truth.

In fact, you will find that CrossFit members are very supportive of each other and always motivate each other to beat their personal bests. There is a level of camaraderie here that’s not often found in many sports. Bodybuilders, in particular, enjoy looking down on CrossFit and claim that it’s ineffective.

The truth of the matter is that CrossFit has specific objectives. It is meant to make you fit and lean. It’s not concerned about piling on slabs of muscle. CrossFit is about being functional. The CrossFit exercises are done in a dynamic and explosive manner. Everything is done fast, and the goal is to complete the exercises in the shortest time possible.

Benefits Of CrossFit For Women

Women will definitely like CrossFit because it will not make you bulky like a female bodybuilder. Your stamina and strength will improve while your body takes on a lean, svelte shape. There is a joke in the fitness industry that Spiderman does CrossFit while the Hulk does bodybuilding.

Women usually have many hats to wear, such as mother to her children, career woman, and wife, and sometimes, mother to her husband. All these roles can be very draining on one’s strength and energy. CrossFit is so powerful that even 2 or 3 sessions a week will boost your energy levels and give you more strength to cope with day-to-day life.

If you want to have stamina so that you’re not breathless when you climb the stairs, you need CrossFit. If you want to carry your baby with ease and not have shoulders that ache, you need CrossFit. If you want to wear a bikini at the beach or a strapless gown at a fancy gathering, you definitely need CrossFit.

Another important benefit is that this discipline becomes a good mechanism to fight stress, anxiety, and even depression.

CrossFit Workout Routines For Women

Crossfit for women

CrossFit routines for women can be the same as those for men if you want to gain muscle mass, although the weights vary at the beginning.

However, they are usually slightly different since, for many of them, it will not be about being able to lift huge weights but rather increasing cardiovascular capacity. It is also a good alternative to gain strength, get toned, and eliminate weak areas.

The high intensity increases your caloric expenditure, and for 20 minutes, your heart rate is raised, lowering fat levels very quickly. The set of strength exercises that are carried out within this training system can improve the levels of minerals in the bones, which favors the composition of bone structure. In this way, it becomes a great ally to prevent problems such as osteoporosis.

CrossFit uses simple bodyweight exercises and cardio to get you in shape. It also uses

  rowing machines, barbells and kettlebells 

to achieve the objectives of making you fit and taut. The emphasis is on getting healthy and not getting big.

While traditional cardio and resistance training requires you to do each on different days, CrossFit is so powerful that you get both done in a single session. Thousands of women do CrossFit just twice a week, and they are in better shape than women who go to the gym daily.

It’s the intensity and never-give-up mentality of CrossFit that produces the results. When you join a CrossFit class, you’ll find that the people there are very supportive of each other and everyone helps everyone else to improve.

There is friendly competition, but there is fun too. Women will definitely enjoy the peer support that comes from a CrossFit class.

Just make sure you have the right attire and shoes when training. Practice good form when training and push yourself to succeed but do not go overboard. Stick with CrossFit for about 90 days, and you will be amazed at your body transformation. Your thighs, stomach, and butt will lose the fat and go from flab to fab. Give CrossFit a try. You will be amazed!

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