Try This Giant Set Upper Body Workout

If you are looking for a good upper body workout to do, then you are in luck. There is a giant set workout you might be interested in trying. Continue to read on to find out what giant sets are, and what the workout is.

What Are Giant Sets?

Giant sets is a set system that is very intense. You are probably used to doing a certain number of sets per exercise before moving onto the next one. Well, giant sets are not like that, as you do four or more exercises consecutively, and then you take a rest before you do a second giant set. Also, the exercises you do as a giant set are exercises that target the same body part, and with the said, below is a giant set upper body workout you can do.

 Day 1: Chest 

– On this day, you will choose four chest exercises to do, and these exercises will include the barbell bench press, incline barbell bench press, decline barbell bench press and barbell pull-overs. The order you do the exercises in is up to you but aim to do 10-12 reps per exercise you do and do a total of 3-5 giant sets. Remember to not overdo it with the weight, because, in the middle of this workout, you will likely be feeling the burn big time.

 Day 2: Shoulders And Traps

– On day two, you will be doing barbell shoulders presses, dumbbell shoulder presses, front raises with a barbell, rear delt raises (bent) and dumbbell shrugs. The amount of reps you want to do per exercise is between 12-15 and just as with the chest workout, you will want to do 3-5 giant sets in total. Make sure you do barbell shoulder presses first and dumbbell shrugs last, but the rest of the exercises can be done in whatever order you want.

 Day 3: Biceps And Triceps

– Day three is a big workout, because you will train your triceps first, and after you have done a giant set workout for your triceps, you will do a giant set workout for your biceps. By the end of this workout, your arms will likely feel very heavy. Also, after you have trained your biceps and triceps, you can do 2-3 exercises for your forearms, but that is completely up to you to decide.

With the above said, you will do close-grip bench presses, tricep extensions with a barbell, extensions with a dumbbell (one-arm) and close-grip push-ups, and they will be done in that order. Aim to do high reps, between 15-20.

As for your biceps, you will be doing barbell curls (seated or standing), dumbbell curls, hammer curls and concentration curls, and you should be trying to do 15-20 reps per exercise. Do 3-5 giant sets for both your biceps and triceps workout.

 Day 4: Back

– This is a big workout day too. This is because you will be targeting your back, and that includes your lower back. You might be tempted to train most of your upper body, but neglect lower back, but if you want to get the best results, then you will want to target your lower back too.

With that said, you will be doing dead-lifts first, followed by barbell rows and then choose 2-3 more upper back exercises to do, and do 3-5 giant sets in total. However, instead of doing 12-15 or 15-20 reps per exercise, you will do 5-8 reps each time you do dead-lifts, and 8-10 reps when you do barbell rows, but you will be trying to aim to do 12-15 reps for the rest of the upper back exercises you do. This may sound confusing, but once you start doing this upper back workout, you will find it easy to do, and challenging.

As you can see, the above upper body workout is challenging, but there are quite a few pros of doing this workout. The above exercises can be completed in a relatively short amount of time, but they are intense and should help you get results quickly. With that said, you should consider doing this workout as soon as possible.

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