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Exercise is good for your health. A 7-minute workout a day that includes jumping jack, wall sit, push-up, abdominal crunch, squat, lunge and six other short-time exercises that are arranged in order, is pretty good for muscle development and body fitness.

This workout only deploys your body weight, a chair, and a wall, and still yields positive results as much as going to the gym or weight rooms. Scientists have proven good exercise at a high-intensity interval training to have many benefits that include burning excessive fat, building a healthier heart, increasing body metabolism among other benefits.

The 7 Minute Workout Routine

The 7 Minute Workout Routine


A good 7-minute workout only contains the following 12 exercises at approximately 30 seconds for each exercise.

1. Jumping Jacks

With your movable limbs, you stand at a position, holding your legs together as you move the arms over the head and legs apart.

2. Wall sit

A perfect wall sit also known as Roman chair, is the exercise in which you form right angles by your knees and your back against the wall. You sit in absolutely virtual “tool” to strengthen your quadriceps muscles.

3. Push ups

When you lie facing the floor, keeping your back straight as you press your hands down to raise your body, that is push up. It is good for strengthening your back muscles.

4. Abdominal crunch

Just like sit ups where you lift your entire body off the floor, in an abdominal crunch you only lift the upper part of your back. This helps to separate your abdominal muscles.

5. Step up onto the chair

Using a bench or a study chair, have one of your knees at 90 degrees, each at a time. Step on the chair at intervals.

6. Squat

This is a full body exercise that strengthens the muscles of the thighs and buttocks. It is also good for the strengthening of the bones, and tendons of the lower parts of the body, that is from the waist downwards.

7 minute workout routine

7. Triceps dip on a chair

Using a chair or a bench, use your both hands to hold onto the edges as you move your body slowly, bending the elbows as well. This helps in muscle growth and strengthening.

8. Plank

To build isometric strength and improve your posture, the plank is absolutely the best exercise in the pack. It involves maintaining a push-up position for approximately 30 seconds. This can be done in different postures.

9. High knees running in place

This exercise is good for cardio fitness and is done by running at a particular place or over a short distance as you lift your knees as high as possible, and wearing that straight forward look.

10. Lunge

You position one leg forward as you bend the other leg, with knee and foot straight on the ground for a short time intervals. It is good for strengthening and building the muscles of the buttocks, the thighs, and the hamstrings too. There are basically two types of the lunge, a long lunge which involves the use of gluteals and a short lunge that strengthens the quadriceps.

11. Push-up and rotation

This involves forming a letter T with your arms and body. In a position, you lower your body until the elbows bend 90 degrees against the floor. Repeat the process alternatively for up to 30 seconds.

12. Side planks

This is the best exercise for the abs also available in this package. It is the last exercise for a good 7-minute workout that you should do before taking that little cold shower. It involves holding the body straight from head to toes, with the elbow perpendicularly below the shoulder. This position can go for as long as you don’t let the hips fall, then you can alternate the position. It helps reduce the lower back pain.

7 minute workout excercises

Before you begin your 7-minute workout, it is important to consider the following health and personal factors;

· Maintain simple diet, by avoiding lots of junky food. This is possible by ensuring consumption of lots of green foods, and eating fewer oil foods. You also need to drink more water; at least 8 glasses a day. Take heavy breakfast, moderate lunch, and very light dinner; basically, don’t take anything heavy past 5 in the evening.

· Be consistent. Make sure you attend to your 7-minute workout at consistent intervals. It is important to do fitness exercise at least twice a day; that is very early in the morning before you begin your daily activities and  late in the evening before you have night rest.

· Persevere. Try not to be tough and be flexible with your body. Allow yourself to persevere throughout the fitness process since this will form part of your life. Some of these exercises might seem hard but in the long run, you will be comfortable with the workout, and you will enjoy the outcome.

Facts of the 7-minute workout

Despite a number of myths that are connected to these exercises, there are a good number of facts that you need to know. Also, note that with good dedication and commitment, you will absolutely enjoy the outcome of your hard work and sacrifice for good health. We have compiled a number of facts associated with these high intensive exercises and are as highlighted below.

1. These intensive exercises are not recommended for elderly people, people who are overweight or those who have previous injury records. It is also important to not that people with heart diseases and hypertensions are highly discouraged from these 12 exercises.

2. These 12 high intensive exercises are also purely based on science, even though they haven’t been tested on any group of people, but most importantly, they have been compared to the less intensive exercises and resulted.

3. A 7-minute workout is not easy! Please know that this exercise causes a lot of discomforts and is only good for those who are ready and able to commit themselves. This might seem as a discouragement but is better to know what to expect than fall a victim of circumstance.

NOTE: This workout, in all those 12 steps, is supposed to be followed consistently without skipping a step. Since it purely relies on body weight, try to make sure you do it in a place of convenience, and not necessarily in weight rooms or at the gym.

7 Minute Workout, a daily training to lose weight fast burn fat and tone your full body

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