10 Healthy Foods To Eat Without Guilt

People always wonder which kind of healthy foods to eat. Nutritionists tell us that we are what we eat. This is true as the kind of foods we eat determines the way our bodies are and will function.

Some kinds of food are useful to the body and others are harmful. Eating healthy does not mean we limit ourselves to diets thus depriving ourselves of the food we love and enjoy eating.

It’s rather about the great feeling we always have when we eat food that we love in a controlled manner. Below are some guidelines that will help in selecting the right foods to eat.

We should be aware of the fact that our bodies require different nutrients in different quantities. The six basic nutrients that should be taken include water, carbohydrates, proteins, minerals, fats, and vitamins.

The body requires them in different quantities. Lack of more of these nutrients will cause us serious medical conditions and malnutrition. We should, therefore, be careful about their amounts.

Healthy Foods To Eat


Healthy Foods To Eat

Salmon contains omega 3 essential fatty acids which is a major fatty acid required in the body. Omega 3 has cardiovascular benefits, brain functioning, and eye benefits.

Research has also shown that its intake reduces the risk of several types of cancer. It also has some other major health benefits on our bodies when taken. For these benefits to be wholly functional, salmon has to be cooked well.


Healthy Foods To Eat Without Guilt:Brocoli

This is a vegetable that will provide you cholesterol-lowering benefits. It also serves as a Vitamin D deficiency solution as it contains a powerful combination of Vitamin A and K. Broccoli has anti-inflammatory benefits that help a lot in our body’s immune system.

Combined with its antioxidant function and its ability to enhance detoxification, broccoli is a good vegetable to eat. People who have cancer require enough broccoli in their diet to help them in their cancer condition. It is well cooked through steaming for efficiency.


10 Healthy Foods To Eat Without Guilt:Avocados
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These are fruits that are found nearly everywhere in groceries. The addition of avocado to the salads will improve the taste and add more nutritional value. It will increase the absorption of important antioxidants on the salads.

Avocado also contains carotenoids which are present in oranges and red vegetables. Research shows that avocados contain a certain type of carotenoids that give them their anti-inflammatory properties.

When we are peeling them, it is recommended that we do not cut into the skin but rather peel the skin out as it contains large quantities of carotenoids there.


Healthy Foods To Eat:Walnuts

Walnuts consumed in the whole form have a lot of nutritional benefits. Most of its phenols are contained in the skin even though it is always bitter. It also contains Vitamin E which is very beneficial and unusual in its form, unlike others.

Walnuts also contain omega 3 fatty acids. It is used mostly in the treatment of type 2 diabetes meaning taking it will reduce our risks of getting the disease.


Healthy Foods To Eat:Spinach
Spinach, chicken & pomegranate salad

Spinach leaves are rich in Vitamin C, the greener and darker ones have more concentrations of Vitamin C compared to the ones that are pale in color. Also contained in spinach are minerals like selenium and zinc and fiber.

Spinach has both anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer nutrients thus a health benefiting food. The nutrients also have antioxidant properties. The richness of Vitamin K in spinach makes it help our bones develop. Its best cooked when boiled to remove the acidity levels.


Potatoes have different ways of cooking; mashed, baked, or roasted. People consider it a comfort and it is found everywhere in the world. It contains a good amount of minerals like potassium, copper and manganese.

It also contains great amounts of Vitamin B6, which help build our body cells and brain cell and nervous tissue activity. Vitamin B6 also functions in cardiovascular protection more so cardiovascular-related cancer prevention. Consuming both the flesh and skin is recommended since the skin concentrated source of dietary fiber.

7.Black Beans

Healthy Foods To Eat:Blacl Beans

Black beans are considered to be the type of beans with high nutritional value. It is one of the legumes recommended to patients by many public health organizations dealing with cancer, diabetes, etc.

It contains fiber which helps in the digestive tract and this is majorly in the colon. It also has a function in blood sugar regulation and that is why it is majorly being recommended for the prevention of type 2 diabetes.

Also present in black beans is the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Pre-soaking before cooking helps in easing the digestion process of the black beans.


Healthy Foods To Eat:Garlic

Garlic is an herb used in the flavoring of food and is also being used to treat and prevent a wide range of diseases. Research shows that it reduces blood pressure by as much as 7-8%.

It also reduces the risk of getting cancers involving the digestive system parts. Garlic has high nutritional value and rich in Vitamin C and Vitamin B6. Taking garlic boosts the immune system and can combat diseases like common colds.


Healthy Foods To Eat:Lemons

These are bitter fruits but with a lot of nutritional content. One whole lemon supplies our body with Vitamin C’s daily requirements of Vitamin C. it increases good high-density lipoproteins, hence helping to keep blood cholesterol level at the required level.

It also strengthens our bones. Lemons prevent the growth of cancer cells and increase the body’s ability to absorb antioxidants. We should therefore not forget to take lemons each day.


It is one of the most important nutrients in our body for the proper functioning of body processes including digestion, blood circulation, excretion, etc. We should take at least 6-8 glasses of water daily.

Water also contains small amounts of minerals like fluoride which harden teeth. Therefore, water should be part of our daily diet.

In addition to the above healthy foods, there are also some activities like exercising and engaging in sporting activities. When we exercise our body muscles, we give them the opportunity to develop and grow.

We also get to burn extra fats in our bodies and in turn prevent diseases like cancer and high blood pressure. Therefore, we should develop a lifestyle with good nutrition and exercise to keep our bodies healthy.

In conclusion, the food we take has a direct impact on both the environment and our overall health, and we must always make sure we choose those foods that are safe for us to consume.

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