Healthy snacks

Eating healthier does not mean you have to give up on snacking. Many people usually avoid snacks because of being afraid that snacks contribute to weight gain. On the contrary, a healthy snack can offer a lot of health benefits.

They can even be included in weight loss plans. The trick is choosing snacks with about 100 calories and mixing them with healthy fats, protein, and carbohydrates. Snacking can also be an excellent way of curbing cravings and keeping you satisfied between meals.

These lighter and healthier options are perfect ways for you to enjoy your favorite type of treats without having to blow your calorie budget.

Benefits Of Taking Healthy Snacks

  1. Increased Nutrient Intake

  2. Prevents Overeating

  3. Keeps Blood Sugar Levels Steady

  4. Better Concentration both at school and work

According to a study that was published in February 2010 in “The Journal of Nutrition”, around 97% of Americans snack thus they get an average of 24%of their calories from the snacks. With snacking providing such huge amounts of the day’s calories, the process of choosing healthy options is very crucial.

Healthy Snacks Ideas and Calorie Amount

Chocolate hazelnut bark

Chocolate contains flavonoids and polyphenols; 2 antioxidants that help in preventing damages caused by cholesterol in the arteries.

Calorie amount: Dark chocolate containing nuts provides 139 calories.

Warm cranberry-walnut brie

Sensible snacking helps one to avoid bingeing. Warm, gooey brie normally satisfies the craving for creamy foods. Dried cranberries usually add antioxidants while walnuts contribute a nutty crunch and heart-healthy fats.

Calorie amount: Cranberries, baked brie together with whole-wheat crackers provides the body with 188 calories.

Rosemary Roasted Almonds

Size matters especially with nutrients rich yet calorically dense snacks like almonds. Consuming small amounts of almonds reduces the risks of heart diseases, in addition, the antioxidants contained in almond`s skin plays a big role in reducing LDL cholesterol as well as oxidative stress.

Calorie amount: Almonds roasted with spices and oils provide the body with 111 calories.

Pecan almond peanut clusters

In case you cannot make your own snacks then shop wisely. Opt for snacks that have a shorter list of ingredients that you understand well. The snack is slightly sweet and satisfyingly crunchy. It has 7 ingredients: almonds, pecans, peanuts, organic sugar, brown rice syrup, and sea salt.

Calorie amount: one serving of pecan almonds has 177 calories, 75 milligrams of sodium and 12 grams of ��good’ fat.


This product hit the market in 2008. They help in satisfying cravings for tempting foods.

Calorie amount: A lot of these muffin soft vitatops have about 100 calories, 5 grams of fiber and 4 grams of proteins.

Whole fruit

Fresh fruits are a no-brainer when it comes to healthful snacks. They are great sources of fiber. They also help you to feel fuller for a longer time period.

Calorie amount: Whole fruits such as apples has 133 calories.


In case you need something which satisfies you, saves money while offering a nutritional boost, then make your own pre-portioned snacks. Popcorns have a lot of bulk for its calories thus it helps in filling you. Three and a half cups of popcorns contain the recommended serving of whole grain per day.

Calorie amount: Three and a half cups of popcorns taken daily will provide the body with 100 calories.


Olives usually deliver a big flavor. The fruit will satisfy salty cravings supplying the body with decent amounts of a heart-healthy type of fats.

Calorie amount: One and third ounces of olive served on a daily basis has 110 calories.

Hummus with carrots

This is a popular Middle Eastern treat that can be found in groceries. The snack is a perfect dip for a lot of fresh veggies. They are typically made with chickpeas although they can also be made with black-eyed peas, soybeans or healthful legumes. 5 grams fillings of fiber mean that you will not go hungry for a while.

Calorie amount: Hummus served together with carrot sticks provides the body with 122 calories.


Choosing foods that contain certain nutrients might give you a boost which junk food will not deliver. Folate-rich foods such as edamame may even out moods thus leading to less mood variability among people.

Calorie amount: Shelled edamame will provide the body with 130 calories.

Bagel with peanut butter

Low fats do not necessarily mean low calories. Carbohydrates usually trigger the release of feel-good chemicals. Therefore pick quality carbs such as whole grain (bagel) with fibers that will provide long-lasting feel good feeling.

Calorie amount: Whole grain bagel served together with peanut butter has 240 calories.


Eating snacks that contain proteins as opposed to carbs can help in curbing hunger thus keeping your daily calories in check. Good options include small low-fat yogurt or an ounce of nuts. Studies have often linked the deficiency of vitamin B12 to depression. Even though it is not an anti-depressant, low-fat yogurt rich in vitamin B12 helps in lifting bad moods.

Calorie amount: 8 ounces of low-fat yogurt has 140 calories.

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