Are Healthy Desserts Really Possible?

As the question points out, is there a way to have healthy desserts alternatives?We all know the dangers of excess sugar consumption.most of the sweets and desserts are full of it not to mention if the sugar content is in the form of  the infamous High Fructose Corn Syrup in the worst case scenario.More and more people realize they have to do something if they want to enjoy a good health even in their elderly years. Switching to a healthy nutrition is one of the goals of millions of people all over the world. However, our sweet tooth is sometimes too high, so we find it very hard to resist it. Cakes, cookies, chocolate, cupcakes and muffins are so tempting that we tend to forget our thoughts of health for a while and satisfy our cravings.

Healthy Desserts Choices

The good news is that things are not as bad as they appear. It is possible to have a healthy diet and satisfy your cravings for sweets at the same time. There are many healthy desserts we can eat instead of the ones that kill us slowly. All you need to do is a little research. This article is here to help you, so hopefully you are going to be glad you’ve found it.

Raw Desserts

Going raw is gaining more and more traction lately. People want to switch to the way our ancestors used to live and feed themselves, in their attempt to stay healthy and energetic. Raw food fans discovered innovative methods for combining various ingredients into mouth-watering recipes of whatever you wish. You can have raw chocolate candies, raw cakes and fruit tarts that taste excellent, despite the fact that heat did not process them. Such healthy desserts are sugar-free. They usually contain honey or stevia instead, thus being both sweet and healthy at the same time.

Fruit-Based Desserts

Fruit-based desserts are healthy if you don’t add sugar or cream. You can come up with delicious combinations of two or more fruits and either make smoothies or add a little cocoa or a hint of melted chocolate. Children love these types of combinations, so it’s relatively easy to determine them switch from their favorite desserts to these. In order to make them more appealing, you can arrange the fruits on the plate in various shapes such as monkey faces, seaside landscapes, butterflies, owls or anything else your kids like. Playful nutrition wins most of the time, as children love to play with their foods. It is a good idea to get them used to eat particular fruits or vegetables they hate. It’s not guaranteed to work, but it increases your chances to make your little ones prefer healthy desserts above unhealthy ones.

Healthy Cookies

Cookies make excellent desserts or snacks between the main meals of the day. You can make healthy ones quickly if you use whole flour, white chocolate, and dried fruit. The cookies are going to take their sweetness from dates, figs, cranberries or raisins, so their taste is going to be enjoyable without the need of using sugar. Such cookies are also very easy to make. All you need is to chop the dried fruit, mix the other ingredient, stir, and bake.

Healthy Tiramisu

If you love this traditional Italian dessert, you can make it in-house in a low-calorie variation that tastes exactly like the original one. All you need to do is replace the cheese with nonfat ricotta and the sugar with stevia or agave syrup for obtaining a sweet that only has about 100 calories per serving. This is ideal for people who are on a weight loss diet, but it’s also a healthy option for the others.

Refrigerated Chocolate-Mint Bars

The chocolate-mint combination is delicious. If you want to enjoy this exquisite taste without going unhealthy, you need to make your chocolate-mint bars at home. You should use dark chocolate, as it is healthier than milk one. Refrigeration will enable the glaze and the mint layer to maintain a nice shape of the bars.

As you can see, you can satisfy your sweet tooth while maintaining a healthy diet. However, this requires a little additional work, as you need to prepare your desserts in house. If this doesn’t bother you, you are all set for a healthy nutrition. You can do it even if you have no idea about how to cook. Grab a good book of healthy recipes and try to follow the indications. Even if you don’t get it right from the first attempt, soon you are going to become better, as you learn from your mistakes.

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