Low Carb Snacks To Help You Get Motivated

If you’re cutting down on your carbs to lose or maintain weight, there are plenty of low- carb snacks that you can count on daily. Are you on the Atkins Diet? If so, remember that there is an induction phase, and then there is the maintenance phase after you have lost your weight. Alright, it’s time to get ready to look at these low carb snacks.

Low- Carb Snack Recipes

There are plenty of little snack items that you can enjoy with a little cream cheese or some string cheese. Cheese is a great snack, but some types of cheeses have less carbs than others. Since string cheese is one of those varieties, you can have this as a snack by yourself. Olives stuffed with cream cheese, celery sticks and cream cheese and more are delectable snacks.

Here is another great idea. Get a romaine lettuce leaf, your favorite meat from the deli, add some cheddar cheese, and you have yourself a lettuce wrap. You can make all different kinds of wraps this way, including a tuna salad wrap and more.

Do you like tomatoes? Get some olive oil, basil, and mozzarella cheese, and you have yourself an Italian snack. If you’re craving for something that packs a bigger punch, like for instance you have a pizza craving, then it’s time to make an Atkins pizza. All you need to do this is an Atkins tortilla wrap, pepperonis, mozzarella cheese and a little pizza sauce. Put everything on your tortilla wrap, including any veggies you might want to add, and then stick it on a tray in the oven until it’s nice and toasty.

Low Carb Snacks To Help You Get Motivated

Remember that you do have to watch for labels. For example, get the pizza sauce that has the lowest amount of carbs because the carbs can always add up quickly if you’re not watching. Another good example of this is beef jerky. Beef jerky makes a great snack, but there is plenty of beef jerky out there that is loaded with sugar, depending on the variety you buy.

Assorted nuts and individual nuts make great low carb snacks as well. You do want to watch your portions if you’re in the induction phase, but a handful of nuts gives your body healthy carbs and healthy fats.

Eggs only have trace carbs, and so a couple of eggs and bacon makes a great snack. Many people think of this as a breakfast combination, but bacon and eggs is a favorite snack for people on Atkins. Another way you can enjoy your eggs is to have deviled eggs.

Are you wanting your fruit fix? Grab some scrumptious blueberries, and for this, you can have some mascarpone cheese. You can also use cream cheese or string cheese for this snack. One thing you’ll realize about Atkins is you’ll be often snacking, and sometimes you won’t feel like taking your time and going to get a special ingredient from the store. You’ll want to plan ahead of time and have these shopping list items on hand, and sometimes you’ll find different combinations work out great based on whatever you’re craving.

Hummus, low-carb wraps, and different veggies also make for a great little snack. If you want, you can add some meat, or you can take out the wraps. Would you like some popcorn with that movie you’re watching? Pop some yourself, and you can add salt, butter, and/or olive oil to complete your snack.

If you’re consistently looking into low carb snacks, you’ll never run out of new things to try. You’ll also find out what your favorites are and be much better at shopping for groceries the Atkins way. Have you heard of soy chips? These are a great snack item for when you’re having potato chip cravings.

When you get to the maintenance phase, you’re going to realize that you can eat more fruit all the time. Fruit does have natural sugars, which of course are carbohydrates, but you’re maintaining your weight. Besides, fruit is healthy, and so you can have it more often, perhaps with some milk or cheese, in other words, dairy products. Now you’re likely ready to fix yourself a low carb snack to enjoy based off of what you’ve read.

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