Do fast foods have nutritional benefits?

For long, fast foods have been associated with a number of health risks.However, the introduction of Mcdonald’s nutritional facts on the fast foods they offer has improved the situation. For each type of fast food they offer, they also provide a detailed information on the calories percentage they contain. That helps the customer know the health benefits of each type of food. Therefore, you can get some nutritional benefits from fast foods.It is as a result of the introduction of new methods and raw materials used in the preparation of fast foods.

Although Mcdonald’s nutritional facts show that fast foods also have nutritional benefits, we cannot downplay the role played by healthy foods in our bodies. Healthy foods have proven health benefits, which cannot origin from anywhere else. It is, therefore, essential for anyone dreaming of a healthy life to stick to a healthy diet. Eating healthy is not a business for the aged or the wealthy, but for every living person right even before birth. This indicates that pregnant mothers also have to stick to healthy foods to give their offspring’s a great jumpstart in their health. The poor must also ensure they take healthy meals in order to have healthy lives. Everyone should remember that being healthy is one of the greatest treasure you can have, more valuable than even gold or silver.

What fast foods cannot offer

Being healthy is not about how much you earn, but how disciplined you are to stick to specific healthy diet guidelines. Here are some of the health benefits you can reap by taking a healthy diet instead of fast foods.

  • Strong bones and teeth:. Young children are affected by a bone disease known as Rickets. This is because of weak bones, which cannot support the body weight hence they curve. Osteoporosis is another bone disease that causes loss of bones. To build strong bones, you require a high intake of foods rich in Calcium. According to Center for Disease and Control, an adult should take about 1,000 milligrams of calcium daily. Sources of calcium include milk, Cheese, and Yogurt. Sunlight is a source of vitamin D, which facilitates absorption of calcium.
  • Energy: Your body requires energy to carry out any activity such as breathing and digestion of food. Sources of energy include unprocessed carbohydrates, whole grains, and fruits.
  • Control of your Weight:. Excess weight has been the main subject in health issues for some time. Losing of excess weight has proven not to be just a walk in the park. Thus, it is important to avoid being overweight rather than trying to lose weight after you have gained it. Calories contribute to excess weight and, therefore, it is important to take foods such as vegetables and fruits that contain fewer calories.
  • Healthy Brain:. Having a healthy brain means you can think properly hence sought out issues easily. It also makes learning especially for students easier. A healthy mind is as a result of taking healthy foods such as dark fruits and vegetables. Avoid fried foods in order to prevent brain-associated diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease from damaging your brain cells. Walnuts, Cherries, and Almonds, which are rich in vitamin E, also prevent the disease.
  • Prevention of Cancer: Cancer has claimed many lives in every part of the world. Although it is non-communicable, it has spread at skyrocketing rates due to poor eating habits. Fruits and vegetables are the great sources of vitamins, which boosts the immune system of the body hence enabling it to fight infections.
  • Mood: Many people may not have realized the role the foods they take in play in their mood and mental health. A healthy diet reduces the incidence of depression and anxiety disorders.
  • Bodybuilding: Whether you are young or old, proteins are essential for your body. They aid the building of body parts not yet developed or building of worn out parts.

Mcdonald’s nutrition facts on fast foods could be correct, but we should be aware the health risks we expose ourselves to by taking these fast foods. Many health complications can be traced back to fast foods. They are the sources of the health problems that have claimed millions of people across the globe. The worst of all is the fact that children are equally affected as adults. These health risks include:

  • Stroke:.It is a disease caused by high blood pressure as a result of high concentration of sodium in your meals. Statistics shows that stroke is the third leading cause of deaths in the United States.
  • Type2 Diabetes:. It has turned from being a lifestyle disease to a serious epidemic that is yet to swipe populations. Type 2 diabetes is caused by consumption of fast foods.
  • Cardiovascular Diseases. These diseases affect the heart. An example is Arteriosclerosis, which is caused by decomposition of sodium deposits on the walls of arteries. This makes the arteries narrow making the heart work extra hard to pump blood through the affected arteries. Severe situations could lead to heart failure that could result in death if not attended to in time.
  • Cancer:  It has claimed millions of people. Although it can be cured at an early stage, it is a death sentence when discovered at a late stage. Processed meats, fried meats, and alcohol abuse increase the chances of being infected with the disease.
  • Excess weight:. Excess weight has joined the league of the chronic disease hence neutralizing efforts to save humanity from chronic diseases. Excess weight is as a result of consumption of fast foods that contain a lot of fats and oils. This health condition could expose the body to new diseases such as heart attack.
  • Skin Infections: A study of the Thorax has shown that fast foods could increase chances of children being infected by Eczema, a disease that causes inflammation and irritation on the skin.

Fast foods have a high percentage of calories hence responsible for the many health complications suffered by a human.


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