A Detailed Look At L-Arginine Benefits

Before looking at L-arginine benefits, it is important that you, first of all, understand what the substance is and its importance. L-arginine is, in essence, an amino acid. This essential chemical building block can be obtained from the food we eat and is essential to the body as it plays a crucial role in how proteins are made.It’s in abundance in dairy products, fish, meat, and poultry. At the same time, it can be found in a synthetic version created in a laboratory.

This essential substance is highly effective in treating blood and heart vessel conditions like chest pain, coronary heart disease, hypertension, and congestive heart failure. It can also be used as an effective treatment for recurring leg pain brought about by blocked arteries, male infertility, and decreased mental function in older adults.

Some people use L-arginine for improving kidney function after a transplant, preventing common colds, boosting the immune system, preventing digestive tract inflammation in prematurely born infants, regulating blood pressure during pregnancy, and improving athletic performance.

The substance used in combination with several other prescription and over-the-counter medicines can be useful in treating various health conditions. For instance, L-arginine can be used alongside ibuprofen to treat migraine headaches. It can also be used to treat breast cancer alongside conventional chemotherapy drugs. In other cases, it can be used alongside other amino acids to treat weight loss in persons with AIDS, and when used alongside other supplements and fish oils, it can reduce infections while shortening the recovery time after a surgery and improving healing periods.

Some people apply L-arginine to the skin to speed up the healing of wounds and to promote blood flow to cold feet and hands; especially in diabetic people. At the same time, it is believed that the substance can considerably improve sexual problems for men and women.

How does L-arginine Work?

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When produced or consumed, the body converts L-arginine into nitric oxide. The nitric oxide then causes blood vessels in the body to open wider, improving blood flow. It also stimulates the release of insulin, growth hormones, and other substances that are essential for the working of the body.


Benefits of L-arginine

Here’s a look at some of the most notable L-arginine benefits for some of the today’s modern world maladies and why you need to consider trying out L-arginine if you do suffer from them.

Improves Libido

One of the most notable benefits of using L-arginine is that it greatly improves/increases the desire for sex and is considered to be a potential treatment for erectile dysfunction in men. Most people who use the supplement/substance to improve their libido have had or have enjoyed great results. Most people who have used L-arginine claim that they have experienced greater satisfaction, and their desire for sex becoming heightened. At the same time, L-arginine seemingly improves endurance in both men and women and is thought to improve fertility in men with a low sperm count.

Regulates Blood Pressure

Another benefit of using L-arginine is that it considerably improves blood pressure. As the substance basically leads to the production of nitric oxide, which improves blood vessel health and function, blood vessels are opened up; leading to improved blood cycle. When this happens, the pressure within veins and arteries is regulated leading to better flow and lower pressure within the vessels.

Improves Surgery And Wound Recovery

L-arginine is one of the most effective options when it comes to improving wound healing times. It becomes even more effective when combined with other essential amino acids and is administered before and after surgery; improving wound healing, reducing the chances of infections, and reducing recovery times.

Increases Exercise Performance

One of the most popular benefits of L-arginine are its effects on muscle building and exercise performance.The fact that it is a nitric oxide booster that means that its benefits on muscle building and performance are undeniable.As with any other or most of the health and fitness supplements on the market, the jury is still out on this but based on the testimonial evidence the increase in muscle mass and strength, vascularity, less rest between sets and a faster recovery are some of the most claimed effects of L-arginine.

This makes it one of the most sought-after bodybuilding supplements on the market right now.

Side effects of L-Arginine

As you can see, the benefits of L-Arginine are quite plenty. But before you decide whether this supplement is right for you, it is essential that you first consider if any side-effects come with the use of the substance. The good thing is that L-arginine is safe for use by most people when properly administered, applied, or consumed. However, as our chemical compositions are different, some people may negatively interact with the supplement. In such instances, the most commonly reported side effects include bloating, abdominal pain, allergies, blood abnormalities, gout, and low blood pressure.

Despite that, L-arginine is a highly effective supplement and generally works for most people. But to be on the safer side, it is advisable that you consider seeking advice from your doctor before starting on the supplementation.


L-arginine is without a wonder a supplement that offers so much to the user. The great thing is that you can use or take this supplement or substance even if you do not suffer from any health condition as its antithrombotic, antiplatelet, antiatherogenic, anti-ischemic, and growth stimulating properties could prove beneficial to your body.

But be advised, Health and fitness supplements as the word implies, are designed to support your overall health, nutrition and workout efforts and can indeed be very helpful.The fact remains that no miracle pill makes your fitness dreams come true overnight.A healthy diet and unprocessed foods combined with regular exercise will always be your number one choice to achieve your fitness goal.It’s all about lifestyle and setting goals coupled with great nutrition, smart supplementation and well strategically designed workout routines.



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