Green Coffee Beans – Natural Weight Loss Miracle or Latest Marketing Gimmick?

In the realm of weight loss supplements Green Coffee Beans are among the first choices and have become one of the most sought-after “Miracle Pills”, so to speak, for losing weight and burn fat, but is it really worth a try?

Since the 1970s, when the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention began documenting obesity rates, the number of obese adults and children in the United States has more than doubled. This stunning figure suggests over two-thirds of American adults are classified as obese or overweight while one-third of children are classified as carrying excess body fat. In an attempt to offset this devastatingly high percentage, the American government and private sector advocacy groups have begun intensive marketing campaigns for living a healthy life.

While eating a balanced diet and undergoing regular exercise are essential components to gaining a healthier body, scientists have found the compounds within green coffee beans may enhance overall fat loss. But how exactly does this common ingredient aid in weight loss? Moreover, what exactly are green coffee beans? 

Green Coffee Beans – A Basic Understanding

In a nutshell, green coffee beans are coffee beans that haven’t undergone the roasting process. Not only does this process render the raw beans their natural greenish hue, but compounds believed by researchers to provide medicinal benefits are left intact. These compounds, chlorogenic acid are noted as having several key factors in how sugar is processed within the human body.

Another benefit found by scientists is the potential cardiovascular system boost provided by this chemical. By introducing these compounds in higher concentrations, it’s possible to protect not only your heart but also other various functions sensitive to plant-based chlorogenic acid. Noted as a polyphenol within scientific circles, chlorogenic acid works within the human body to reduce the absorption of glucose, or sugar.

These findings were recently popularized by the high-acclaimed television show, “Dr. Oz.” Within this particular episode, the use of green coffee bean extract was touted as being an effective weight loss aid, but how effective is it really? 


Green Coffee Beans and Weight Loss – The Studies

While countless personal testimonials fill the pages of green coffee bean proponents, what does the scientific community have to say about this herbal supplement? Perhaps the most interesting study researched the effects of green coffee beans for weight loss in a group of 16 men and women. These overweight participants were given either green coffee bean supplements or a placebo.

At the conclusion of this 22-week study performed by the University of Scranton, participants who took the bean extract lost an average of 17 pounds while the placebo group failed to reach this same number. 
Although it’s easy to assume the weight loss could be attributed to the bean caffeine content, director of the study, Joe Vinson, Ph.D., believes the results are not due to the energy-enhancing benefits of caffeine, but rather the supplements ability to decrease the absorption and subsequent processing of sugars. 

Let’s take a look at another study for green coffee beans for weight loss. As stated earlier, Dr. Oz created an entire segment of his show based on green coffee bean extract. To support his claims, he set off to create his own “study.” 

Throughout the course of two weeks, Dr. Oz provided 100 women with either 400 milligrams of green coffee bean extract or a placebo. At the conclusion of the study, participants who ingested the green coffee beans lost an average of two pounds while the placebo group only lost an average of one pound. Although these findings were not overseen by a group of scientists, they mimic the results found in University-sponsored research experiments. 

Is Green Coffee Bean Extract a Viable Option? 

Like any weight loss supplement, it’s important to understand the aforementioned results are not applicable to every person. How your body handles green coffee beans for weight loss cannot be predicted. While studies are limited, and further investigation is required to fully understand the scope of benefits vs. any potential dangers, it seems green coffee beans may assist in your overall weight loss goal. 

If you’re interested in trying out this weight loss supplement, follow the dosage found in most studies – 700 to 1,050 milligrams per day. It’s important to note that green coffee beans contain caffeine.

Therefore, if you’re sensitive to caffeine or have cardiovascular ailments, speak with your doctor before starting a supplementation routine. This is exponentially important if you’re taking any medications, as herbs can negatively interact with prescription medicines.

Although the answer to complete weight loss is living a healthy lifestyle, green coffee beans for weight loss may provide the extra “boost” to help shed your unwanted weight. Remember, treat your body kind and it will serve you well.