How Much Protein To Build Muscle Do You Need?

Do you know how much protein to build muscle do you need?

You may have seen those big tubs of protein powders sold at supplement stores. You may have seen guys at the gym guzzling protein shakes like their life depended on it. You may even have heard the regular guy at the gym tell you, “I don’t do protein shakes, brah! I keep it natural.So the question is, what is the deal about protein and is it essential to build muscle?

Well, for starters, protein is extremely important for the body as far as repairing and building muscles go. A lack of protein will mean that your body will start using fuel from your organs and bones. This is definitely not a good situation.

Whenever you go to the gym and engage in a highly demanding routine ,you’re tearing those muscle fibers with each grueling set.The protein you consume helps the muscles that were compromised recover quicker. This is why we recommend taking post-workout protein within an hour of your last set.

Protein Shakes

So do you need protein shakes?That depends. If you are eating foods like eggs, lean chicken breasts, and beef, you will be getting your daily dose of protein. However, it is more inconvenient because you will have to prepare your meals, count your macros, etc.Whereas with a protein shake, it will take less than ten minutes to shake one up and guzzle it. You will know exactly the amount of protein you are getting. In most cases, it will be somewhere between 20 and 25 grams.

A high protein diet will also boost your metabolic rate, and there are fat burning benefits.How much protein you consume will depend on the demands you place on your body. The buff guy at the gym doing squats with a barbell that is heavier than a horse is definitely going to need more protein than the office worker who is typing on the computer daily.

So, there really is no fixed amount of protein that will suit everybody. The general rule is 1 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight. Some studies say that this may be a little too much, and 0.8 grams will do. Whatever the case, you must be consuming your protein in adequate amounts and throughout the day.

Unlike carbs which most bodybuilders consume early on in the day, protein needs to be spaced out throughout the day so that your body is constantly using it as fuel.Whey protein is the most popular form of protein because of its rapid rate of absorption by the body. Whey Isolate is even better since it is the purest form of whey protein.

Supplement stores will also have egg protein, casein, etc. You will need to decide for yourself which will suit your needs. Whey protein can be a little costly. Do not buy the cheapest protein that you can find. You will most probably be getting an inferior protein powder that is full of filler material. Get the slightly more expensive protein supplements and check the label to see exactly how many grams of protein per scoop you’re getting.

The key point to note is that if you plan on building your body, you absolutely must get sufficient high-quality protein and feed it to your body throughout the day. In this way, your muscles will get the fuel they need to repair, regrow and get you all ripped.