Home Remedies For Getting Rid Of Cellulite

Having cellulite can be very annoying and frustrating. If you like wearing tight fitting clothes or strutting about in your bikinis, then chances are you are always looking for getting rid of cellulite so that you can flaunt a smoother skin. Cellulite, which is common around the bum, thighs and hips is that dimpled and ‘orange peel’ look on the skin.

There has never been clear agreement on what causes cellulite to develop on the skin. Some reports claim that they are caused by hormones while others say that they are genetic, and chances of you developing them if your family members have them are very high. Whichever the case is, one thing is for sure: Nobody likes having them.

Cellulite treatment

Getting Rid Of Cellulite At Home

Most skin care companies are making a lot of money since a lot of people are looking for that ‘magic cure’ that will make the cellulite disappear overnight. There is nothing pleasing at all, about walking around with a dimply behind.

So what is the best way to get rid of cellulite? If you have ever used the store bought products, then you will agree that most of them don’t work. Despite promising instant results, they never really deliver. If you are looking for alternative ways to eliminate cellulite, then perhaps you should try some of these home remedies.


1. Get off the couch and start moving

It may sound harsh, but it is a reality. Our lifestyle choices contribute towards developing cellulite. People who spend a lot of their time in one position and likely to develop cellulite compared to those who move around a lot. If you live a sedentary life, then you should consider incorporating exercises into your daily routine. Try taking light walks or skipping rope to improve blood circulation to the areas affected by cellulite. Research indicates that if you are obese, then your chances of having cellulite are even higher.

2. Do regular coffee scrubs

Coffee isn’t just for drinking. It can be very beneficial in reducing the appearance of cellulite. This is because coffee increases blood circulation even when used topically. Mix coffee granules with warm water to make a thick paste. Use this paste to massage and gently scrub the cellulite. Do this regularly, preferably twice a day and you will get a firm and smoother skin.

3. Embrace natural oils

Cold pressed oils are rich in antioxidants that are beneficial in getting rid of cellulite. By using them on the affected area, they will be able to moisturize and visibly reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Some of the most common oils to use include cocoa butter oil and shea butter. Both of them are rich in phytonutrients which provide nourishment to the skin. Other oils you can use include cold pressed coconut and olive oil.

4. Dry brush the cellulite away

You should use a gentle brush made from natural fibers to brush your cellulite. This significantly stimulates blood to the area. Use long sweeps directed towards the heart for about 15 minutes or more as a way to get more blood to flow in the area. If you want faster results, then you can combine this method with daily massages so that you can make the muscles tighter.

5. Using honey as cellulite treatment

One of the many uses of honey is cellulite treatment. It will moisturize the area and make your skin supple to reduce the appearance of cellulite. To get even better results, you can mix honey with tea tree oil or turmeric.

Spread it liberally on the dimpled areas and then massage. Leave it for a while and then wash with warm water. If you do it regularly, you will notice changes on the cellulite. Most people prefer using manuka honey or any organic brands to get faster results.

6. Take in omega 3

Increasing the amount of omega three nutrient in your diet by taking foods such as fish and pumpkin seeds can help you see changes in the appearance of cellulite. This is because Omega 3 helps in repairing body tissues and improving blood supply.

7. Hydrate. Hydrate and Hydrate

If your body is well hydrated, your skin will have the proper elasticity, and you will not have to worry about cellulite. Moreover, you will need the elasticity when you are using the above methods for them to work effectively.

8. It’s time to detoxify

Sometimes cellulite develops when there is a lot of toxin in the body. So, to treat cellulite, you should work towards detoxifying your body. Take in more fruits and vegetables, and you can try some of the natural detoxifying foods such as green tea or making fruit and vegetable smoothies.

If the home remedies do not work for you, then you can go for surgery to completely eliminate your cellulite. You should always remember that exercising and healthy eating plays a vital role when it comes to getting rid of cellulite.

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