The Muscle Mass Percentage Calculator and Its Importance

Are you interested in knowing your muscle mass index? If yes, then you should consider using a muscle mass percentage calculator. It works by taking into account your height, body fat, and weight. In the end, you will get an estimation of your weight minus the body fat.

Therefore, the lean body mass index is a measure of how heavy you are in terms of muscles, bones, and body organs. It is meant to provide you with an estimation of how much muscle you are losing or gaining over a given length of time. You also get a good idea of the percentage of the total body weight represented by lean muscle mass or body fat.

Why Use Muscle Mass Percentage Calculator?

The human body comprises more than 600 muscles, all of which play a role in holding key amino acids. These chemicals are crucial for the proper functioning of your muscles and tissues.

By its nature, muscle mass is denser than fat and requires more energy. That is the reason you are likely to burn more calories when you have more muscles than fat. It is a simple and straightforward concept: the more muscles you have, the higher the metabolism levels.

One of the ways of managing your weight is to maintain a substantial muscle mass percentage. But you need a working tool to monitor it on a steady basis. That is where the muscle mass percentage calculator comes in.

It is essential to monitor your weight. Knowing how much of it is fat or muscle is significant. After all, you can only have optimal health if you maintain a balance between the fat to lean mass ratio. It would help if you definitely had some fat in your body to be healthy.

The amount of body fat that is optimal for overall health is very much debated. A distinction is made between 3 types of fat: subcutaneous or under the skin, intramuscular(between the muscles), and visceral( around the organs). Although the amount of subcutaneous fat remains the same, visceral and intramuscular fat tends to increase in proportion to age.

As such, men and women require 3 percent and 12 percent of fat, respectively, to maintain their health, this is known as “essential body fat“. Anything above that is considered non-essential is what appears as fat deposits under your skin or subcutaneous fat.

While it is acceptable to have a small percentage of subcutaneous fat, too much of it can lead to many health problems. Therefore, it is suggested that men and women should have a body fat percentage of 10 to 22 and 20 to 30 respectively. Thus, the ideal muscle mass percentage for men is between 78 and 90, while women are 68 and 80.

How to Calculate Muscle Mass Percentage

The Muscle Mass Percentage Calculator and Its Importance

If you have a weighing scale and calculator, you can easily get your muscle mass percentage. The following simple procedure should be able to help.

Step 1. Weigh yourself using a scale that automatically calculates the percentage of fat in your body. It is known as a body fat scale.

Step 2. Take 100 minus the percentage of fat in your body. That should give you your muscle mass percentage. Thus if you have a body fat percentage of 30, your lean mass percentage will be 70.

Step 3. Take your lean mass percentage and divide it by 100. The answer should be in decimal form. For example, 70/100=0.70.

Step 4. Multiply your overall body weight by the decimal from step three above. This will give the result in your lean mass weight. Let’s say you have a bodyweight of 200 pounds. Then your lean weight will be determined by 0.70×200=140 pounds.

Remember that the accuracy of the final figure largely depends on how accurate the input units are. Therefore, you have to ensure that your total weight and percentage of body fat is as accurate as can be.

You can get different fat percentage figures when using different methods. That is why you need a dedicated muscle mass percentage calculator.

Ideal Muscle Mass Percentage Calculator

You don’t have to calculate your muscle mass percentage manually when you have a calculator made just for that purpose. It has the ability to assess your body mass and at the same time, take into consideration the fat and muscle mass.

The machine considers several factors, including height, weight, and body fat percentage, to do the calculations. You can either use the metric or English measurement units to get results on this tool. You will also be able to perform a number of calculations in a short span of time.

To use the muscle mass percentage calculator, you only need to input your weight and body fat percentage and click calculate. Within no time, you will be able to get the results you so desire.

Be sure to check yourself in the bathroom mirror to know whether you are looking great or not. After all, the muscle mass percentage only indicates the progress you are making in your workouts.

Importance of the Muscle Mass Percentage Calculator

This device essentially helps you to monitor the progress you are making in your fitness quest. Since it is done regularly, it enables you to increase your muscle mass compared to body fat.

Any positive results should indicate progress in achieving your fitness goals. Every single week, you will be able to determine how much muscle mass you have gained or lost.

Using the results, you can make adjustments to your program whenever you need to. That’s especially when you seem to be losing muscle mass rather than gaining it.

After all, getting the perfect diet or training program is not just possible. It would be best if you kept making regular adjustments until you can see progress. But you cannot do that without the muscle mass percentage calculator.

Also, bear in mind that the pace you train muscles varies from one person to another. It is determined by your body’s reaction time, genetics, age, muscle memory, and experience.

Even as you strive to monitor how much muscle mass you are gaining, you need to consider these factors. Don’t push yourself too hard when your muscle mass percentage seems not to move fast.

Don’t overlook the importance of the muscle mass percentage calculator. It is what you need to keep track of your progress towards fitness. Start using it today!

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