The Pros And Cons Of Carbs: You Must Know This!

Carbs have had a bad reputation for years when it is associated with weight loss. Diets such as the Atkins Diet which promote minimal consumption of carbs are highly popular and have even been advocated by many popular celebrities.There is no doubt that if you cut out carbohydrates from your diet, you will inevitably lose weight. Don’t get too excited yet. There is a flip side to the coin.

Diets such as the Atkins Diet are unsustainable. Your body requires carbohydrates to function optimally. How long are you planning to cut your carbs? Sooner or later you will need to get back on a regular diet.

Once you do that, the weight you lost will return with a vengeance. You may even put on more weight than you lost. A lack of carbohydrates will often leave you feeling lethargic, moody, and you will not have the energy to do anything much.

Your workouts will suffer because the body is short on fuel. Carbohydrates provide the fuel that the body needs. You can’t have high-intensity workouts if your body is short on fuel and energy. Your workouts will suffer.

The benefits of Carbs

benefits of carbs

The truth is that while carbs can make you overweight and sick, they can also help you to lose weight and burn the fat faster than you thought possible. Yes, you read that right. Carbs can help you burn fat.

You just need to know when to eat your carbs And more importantly, what type of carbs to consume. Carbs are not inherently bad. Oatmeal is a carb, and it’s excellent for your body. A donut is also a carb and it’s highly detrimental to your body.

You just need to know the difference between the two and consume only the good carbs. In this way, you’ll have the energy for your workouts, and you will not be nutrient deficient. You’ll also be less miserable and still lose weight effectively.

There are several benefits of consuming carbs. Let’s look at some of the pros.

• They provide energy. You need carbs to function optimally.
• They elevate your metabolic rate if eaten at the right time. A diet low in carbs will slow down your metabolism, and this will lead to the slower fat loss.
• They protect your muscles. When your body lacks carbs, it will break down the muscle tissue for fuel. This will also slow down fat loss.
• Carbs raise insulin levels. This will help with muscle building that will accelerate fat loss.

Cons of Carbs

Just like how there are pros with carb consumption, there are cons too. Usually, the cons appear when the wrong types of carbs are eaten or if they’re eaten in excess.

• Carbs will spike blood sugar and insulin levels. This will result in weight gain and create a situation in the body that inhibits fat loss.
• 1 gram of carb retains 4 grams of water. Too much carb consumption will leave you feeling and looking bloated.
• When carbs are consumed in excess over a prolonged period, you will gain weight, become obese, have insulin insensitivity, etc. Many negative consequences arise from excessive carb consumption.
• Lastly, unhealthy carbs cause a host of other health related problems ranging from high cholesterol to immune system issues.

If you noticed, some of the pros of carbs could become a disadvantage when consuming the wrong carbs.

There is one more thing to be considered to learn the true concept of carbs manipulation, and that is the calories consumed.It all comes down to the calorie expenditure during the day and the fact that not everyone responds the same to carbohydrates.

It’s only a matter of calories in and calories out.You must burn what you consume. Otherwise, it will inevitably be stored as fat by the body.But even so, some genetically blessed individuals are not affected by this so they can eat a lot of calories and still burn them.But, unfortunately, this does not apply to the average joe.

The key here is to eat carbs in moderation. The average adult should consume around 45% to 65% or their daily calories in healthy carbs. Google and research what are the different types of healthy carbs that you should consume. Pick those carbs that you like and consume them instead of the commercially sold refined carb products.

By doing this, you will get the best of both worlds. You will also be able to lose the weight and keep it off since you’re not on a restrictive diet. Your diet is sustainable because your food choices are sensible. That’s exactly how it should be.


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